Monday, September 5, 2011

Managing The Mess Mondays !!!!

by Mollie

   Would you believe that I forgot to take ANY pictures this week?!? awful I know!  I'm really sorry about that but I do have a fun little post for you anyways. I have found that it is very hard to pick up the clutter in the house each night when I feel like everything about our house is clutter ...result  OPERATION DE-CLUTTER...

 I went through a few key areas in our house and took everything out/off and started over with organizing.  Here are the results...

My bowl drawer....  It was a combo of lids, measuring cups, loaf pans, Zoie kitchen toys, etc...  Some simple organization and stacking and I can whip up anything in my nice clean pyrex bowls! 

My Kitchen Cabinet... serving bowls, recipe books, random Smirnoff bottle (we don't drink..seriously, I have no idea why that was there, baby cook machine.   Again with the stacking and sorting and wha-la! Organization and access...

Pantry... Zoie's favorite place.  She takes out all the cans and stacks them then puts them all back. Honestly I don't know how long this will stay organized.

The Tubberware Drawer...I couldn't even get it open all the way to take this photo!  But now I can breathe a sign of relief with being able to see all my containers and use them appropriately. 

Since Ronnie works from home he "hogs" all the actual desk area at our house so I had to get creative.  I use this sewing table as my desk since there is no room in our little house for me to pull it out all the way to use it as an actual sewing table.  It was getting quite crowded with candlesticks, patterns, magazines, keys, etc... So I cleared it off and decided to start from scratch. 

Under the desk.  Before I had placemats, tablecloths, napkins, candles, decor stuff, pretty much anything I could shove in there and still get the door shut I did.  Now the top shelf is my "inbox" everything I need to go through and do (note: bible study, magazines, bills)  Middle drawer is sand, beans, extra candles, and yes even banagrams. :)  Bottom drawer houses our placemats since this table is right next to the dining room table. 

Under the Table too..... NIGHTMARE! wrapping stuff, sewing machine, count them...yes 2 seasons of Dr. Quinn medicine enough cause who can get enough of Sully, I mean really?!?   Now... Basket with patters and other items for business, file folder with print out patterns and magazines, sewing machine, pens, reading novel, and extra candlesticks. 

Under the bed was a nightmare.... Extra shelves, random things, blankets, office supplies, etc.  I grabbed a few under the bed storage boxes from Target and a bed skirt and wha-la! i can sleep better knowing its not TOO crazy under the bed.  (I even grabbed a small box for random things... you know, the things that really dont have a place?!?)

 The hall closet.  This space doesn't have a door so I hide the chaos with a tension rod and a cheap curtain from Ikea.  I used to practically glue the sides shut so that no one could see in that crazy space.  Now I dont mind if it peeks open because its nice and neat! 

I feel like i can finally breathe a sigh of relief.  Everything (I use that term loosely) is organized in my home. Its like starting from scratch.  I hope this inspired you a little bit to tackle those deep dark spots in your house that hide your clutter!  Don't forget to comment and tell me about how you keep your house in tip top shape!! 

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Erin said...

Looks so good! Organizing/cleaning gives you the best feeling, doesn't it!?