Thursday, September 22, 2011

A little camping organization

by Holly

My family goes camping a few times a year, and the hardest part of it all is keeping everything organized.

This summer, as we headed off for Yosemite, I wanted to make something that would help my boys keep their toiletries straight.  They are now old enough to take care of the teeth brushing, hair combing, and face washing by themselves.  Before, I would just keep all their stuff with me and then I would lug all my stuff, their stuff, and the 3 of them off to the bathrooms.

So, the day before we left I decided to sew up these little toiletry bags.  One for each of them, to keep everything neat and tidy...
They were super simple to put together, trust me.  I would not have taken on this project the day before we left if they weren't.
I found some solid scrap fabric and used a coordinating print for their initial, the inside, and a loop on the end to grab on to.  I simply put velcro on the inside to keep it all closed.
My boys loved being able to be responsible for their own stuff (and filling their bags with THEIR essentials... toothbrush, mini toothpaste, little comb, spray bottle, chapstick, small shampoo, and wash cloth)

And now that we are home, these little bags are also great for take along snacks.  So fun, inexpensive, and practical.  All my favorites!  Simple creativity.

Happy Thursday!

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