Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just a thought...

by Holly

My family is currently in the process of purging.

I know, this usually happens in the spring.  But, we tend to do things differently around here.  The fact that the kids are back in school helps this momma considerably (especially when it comes to cleaning out toys).

We are also having our once a year neighborhood garage sale this weekend, and we are trying to sell a lot of stuff to help raise money for our upcoming mission trip to El Salvador this winter.

So, if you need me this week you can find me knee deep in the play closet, or ducking into the deepest of kitchen cabinets, or even under the bed (some good finds under there, not including the empty boxes of granola bars that my kids decided to stash for midnight snacks).

On Saturday, I was hanging out deep in my closet.  And I can report that after 3 years of living in this house, I have finally finished unpacking the 2 stubborn boxes that we threw in the closet because we didn't know where to put the contents.

As I was going through my old books, journals, and magazines I came across a little hand scribbled quote by Charlotte Gray.  I have no idea where it came from, or even who Charlotte Gray is (I googled her and she is a famous Canadian author and historian).  I can tell it is from my college years because it was tucked into one of my old college journals.  It says this...

"Success is not fame or money or the power to bewitch.  It is to have created something valuable from your own individuality and skill- a garden, an embroidery, a cake, a life."                   -Charlotte Gray

I actually stopped unpacking and had a moment right there in my closet.

How easy it is to forget that being creative is more than "just a hobby".  It is valuable.  It is important.  It inspires.  It points us to The Creator.  And it is individual, different for everybody.

So cool!

And so cool to think that I wrote this down 15 years ago as a communications major at Westmont College, having no idea where my life would go, or that this would speak to me so perfectly one Saturday afternoon, so many years later, as I cleaned out my closet.

Just a thought to share with you creative minded people out there.  Hopefully it inspires you as it has inspired me.

Happy Tuesday!

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Uniquely E Jewelry said...

Ok that is the coolest quote ever. It's so easy to get stuck in a rut by focusing way too much on numbers, on business, and on long term goals. Sometimes I need to stop and remind myself why I love doing what I do in the first place; it's fulfilling, it's relaxing, it's encouraging to me and makes me...ME!