Monday, September 12, 2011

Creative Dinners/ YeLLoWMeDaiSY discount Giveaway

by Mollie

  So... have you ever looked in your fridge/freezer/pantry and saw that there was TONS of food but nothing to eat?!?

  I have lots of frozen meat in my freezer, I have boxes of pasta in my pantry, and I have lots of fruit and vegetable in my fridge! I made myself a pact.... Not to buy and more food until we eat everything we have (minus staples...bread, milk, eggs... i'm not starving my family DONT WORRY!!)  

   I dont want to buy any more pre-marinated meats, spices, frozen food, etc until we use up what we have.  I am running out of room in my freezer!  It all dawned on me when I hurt my knee a couple weeks back (i'm fine) and I needed an ice pack.  Ronnie and I had to pull EVERYTHING out of the freezer to try and find it.  While Ronnie was helping me he put a huge bag of frozen blueberries on top of the fridge (he's 6'3'') and forgot about them.  About 10 min later when I went to get some milk for Zoie the whole bag came down and whacked me on the head (reason #2 while I needed the ice pack!)  I think that is when it hit me. I need to clean this out!! 

 PLUS!!! I totally have freezer/fridge envy of all the amazing chefs on the Food Network.  Have you seen the inside of Giada's fridge?!? I mean its completely clean and you can actually see the shelves! Plus, when she puts something in the freezer it can sit on a shelf, not balance on top of smoothie mix and frozen chicken! I realize that its all staged, but a girl can dream right?!?

  The other thing I realized is that if I have less food, i'm going to have to buy fresher food. Hello Trader Joes, Fresh & Easy, and Barons. Which is healthier all around!  

  So... We are starting an adventure of Creative Dinners.   I went to the grocery store and bought milk, diapers, bananas, and cranberry juice, none of which I used in these meals. So far we have had Carnitas tacos, Sausage Flatbread Pizza, and Orange Chicken bowls. 

 I'm sure more creative dinners/meals are going to be coming our way VERY soon! I'll report back.  

 In the mean time... what's the most creative meal you have made using only the ingredients you had?!?  Leave a comment telling us what that was..... At the end of the week, the most creative meal (holly and I will decide)  will win a 20% off coupon code to our etsy shop!  

I can't wait to hear about your creativity! We might even score some new recipes! 



Anonymous said...

I've done that before... Mostly because we were broke but still. It saves a ton of money and you end up coming up with tons of new ideas.

Deborah said...

It's not a meal but I realized I had the ingredients on hand for homemade brownies and hopped to making them about 2.5 seconds after that!