Come Advertise with us!! 

Advertising is a great way to get new viewers to your blog. 
Perhaps you join the same link parties every week and your numbers don't seem to be growing the way you would like.
Advertising is great exposure for your little neck of the blogging world from people you are not coming across in your normal blogging circles. 

 We are new to blogging and therefore we are trying to get our feet off of the ground.   For a limited time we are offering LARGE button space on our blog for trade:  A little "real estate" on your blog (put up our button) and we will both do features about each other!  Seems pretty fair right?!? 

The great thing as well about Yellowmedaisy is that we have followers from all different areas in life because of all the inspiring things offered here at our blog.  We love each and every one of our followers and we are having a great time blogging! 

Your buttons will be proudly displayed 

on the top right hand side of Yellowmedaisy not to be missed!

Please email me if you would like a space:  info(at)yellowmedaisy(dot)com

Thank you!

I look forward to working with you!!

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Freya May said...

Hey, I would love to swap buttons with you, how does one do this???

Freya Mayxxxx