Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jumpin' on the cake pop bandwagon.

by Holly

This is the look of pure joy .

This is my little man celebrating himself, turning 4.

We had a very simple party for him...

One Cars bounce house... for the whole day.

And of course, cake.

But we did it a bit differently this time, and I introduced little man to cake pops.

Have you made these before?

Quite possibly the easiest thing ever.  However, they are tricky to make perfectly round.  So, we had a lot of sprinkles (makes them better anyway).

Of course, Bakerella makes them best.  But if you want to try it...

Just bake a cake, then crumble it all up.

Add 2/3 can of frosting and mash into balls.

Put a popsicle stick into each ball (I dipped the stick in melted candy melt first so they would hold well).

Cover with melted candy melts and sprinkle on the sprinkles.

Instant love!!!  And they are perfectly sized for little eaters.

Such a fun party, with such little fuss.

And after all that bouncing, my kids were practically begging for bedtime.


Happy Tuesday everyone!

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