Meet Mollie

Hi! I'm Mollie

I'm 26 and I love being creative.  I like when things can be done simply but still have beauty.  I love the Lord Jesus Christ and I am His passionate follower. 

I'm Ronnie's wife...

I met the love of my life in college and we have been together ever since. We have been married for 4 yrs and life is good. God gave me the perfect man to balance out my "free spirit" and teach me about football (Go Chargers!!) 

I'm Zoie & Penelope's mommy...

I have 2 precious little girls.  Zoie is 2 and Pennie is 6 months.  I love that I get to stay home with them 90% of the time, its crazy busy with everything pink and princess but I wouldn't trade it for the world.  

I'm Lance & Nancy's daughter...

Yep. I'm an only child. But don't let that fool you. I'm not a spoiled brat, my parents raised me right. 

I'm a Children's Education Director

I am blessed to be able to serve Jesus as the Children's Education Director at our church part-time and teach kiddos about the love of Jesus!! What's better than getting to tell a kiddo that Jesus loves them?!? For more information about our church click HERE

I'm a "free-spirit"

I have been told numerous times that I am a "free-spirit"  I have quickly figured out this is just code for being an easy going, fly by the seat of your pants kinda gal.  All I know is that I've tried to tow the line and get it together but God created me this way so I'm just gonna roll with it! 

MOST OF ALL I'm blessed...

I have an incredible family and I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  What more could a girl want?!?

Thanks for taking a couple minutes to meet me...I look forward to meeting all of you!  
Email me:  info{at}yellowmedaisy{dot}com

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