Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just before nap...

My little guy (he's 4) still takes a great nap every afternoon.

This bit of quiet is one of the best parts of my day.  Knowing he's all snuggled up with his blankets and stuffed buddies, dreaming of sweetness, makes me happy and productive (yeehaw!).

But just before that magical nap time occurs, he and I read a story together.

This is his current favorite...
We lost the jacket for the book, unfortunately.  The illustrations are so cute, and the book come with little insect flash cards in the back.  Fun!

This is the cover...
That little blue bug is Dilly.  She is the main character of this charming little story about a sort of insect talent contest.

This is our favorite page...
  The insects get "bamboozled" by some tricky spiders and Dilly teaches them that they need to work together and do what each insect does best in order to chase them off.

I have loved the conversations that have come out of this book.  

I have been able to encourage and compliment my boys on what they do well, and they love it!  Who wouldn't?

I think I have read this book every day for almost 2 weeks straight.  Pretty sure I have it memorized!

Another favorite for little man right now is...
He thinks it is hilarious when I read it.

Our favorite page in this book is...
"Mama Llama always near, even if she's not right here."  Gets me every time!

I think that this time of reading together is so sweet to me right now because I know that is won't last much longer.  I want to suck up every precious little snuggled minute.

Maybe you could share some of your favorite books that you have read to little ones, or that were YOUR favorites as a little one yourself.  Mollie and I are always looking for new material (not that we don't love reading the same book OVER and OVER and OVER...).

I am just happy that I LOVE little man's current favorites.  At least he hasn't permanently linked onto a book about heavy machinery or anything (that day will probably come, I know).

Hopefully you all find some precious quiet time today!

Happy Tuesday,

Monday, January 30, 2012

Hello Monday

by Mollie

** WARNING... these are all pretty much pics of my kids. I can't help myself. 

Hello time with Grammie.

Hello brand new dress up set (a theme you will see develop)

Hello new camera, everyone SMILE!

Hello sister love.  I hope these two stay close.

Hello hugs and kisses from Daddy

Hello BEST tia ever and ballet class (our HIGHLIGHT of the week)

Hello good old fashion jammie and mirror time

Hello learning how to share

Hello reading at the library (yes... she is a butterfly)

Hello reading books with Nana before bed.

Hello learning to appreciate the chaotic moments in my life, this is just a season and I don't want to miss it. 

Hello finally putting my clean clothes away (HATE!!!)

Hello cleaning out my garage this week (DREAD) 

Hello going on a date with my hubby this week

Hello to out of town family

What are you saying hello to this week?


Friday, January 27, 2012

Time Management

by Mollie

  Last week Erin over at Sunny Side Up posted about her time management binder.  I have been following her blog for awhile and I LOVE how organized she is! I actually got to meet her at the Queen Bee Market in November.  We were both shopping at Lindsey's booth and i totally blog stalked her and said "hey you're Erin!"

 ANYWHOO...  back to the time management binder.  I loved how she wrote that it was a place for everything running around in her mind.  I decided to ,make one myself because that is just what I needed.    Here is my version of the Time Management Binder.

 I got the cute binder from Target.  Everything is more fun if it starts out cute. 

I broke it down into 8 sections.  Allow me to walk you through it?!?  

#1 - Daily Planning. 

This has my minute by minute schedule for the day.  I sit down at the end of each day and plan out my day tomorrow.  I make a list of goals on one side (costco, workout, devotional, laundry, dishes, etc)  and on the other I plan out the hours (6:00am coffee & devos, 7:30 wake girls breakfast, 9:00 Pennie nap - mommy chores, etc) 

In here I also have my check off lists from Clean Mama.  I have the Weekly Cleaning Schedule, the Monthly Cleaning Schedule, and the Fitness & Weight Loss Tracker.  If you haven't checked out Clean Mama you need to NOW! 

#2  - Shop For-Menu Planning

Erin had a great idea of putting 4 post it notes on a page with each store that you need to visit.  I have one for Costco, Grocery, Target, and Crafts/Etc.  I can just easily jot down the items that I need and take that post it with me. Easy Peasy!!  Also I have lined paper in there for menu planning and a couple sheet protectors to slip in recipes. 

#3 - Current Projects

This section has everything that I am working on.  A working list and how I am going to accomplish it. 

-  Hang Photos
-  Stretch Fabric over frames
-  Paint table, tray, and frames
- Organize Garage

#4 - House Ideas

This has my list of BIG projects that I want to do for my house. 

- Replace Bathtub/shower
- Build a bench/Kitchen Nook
-Paint Kitchen. 

you get the idea.  I also use Clean Mama's FREE PRINTABLE of Project Planner in this section. 

#5 - Yellowmedaisy

This currently has a list of all my blog posts, but it also will have meeting notes of my time with Holly, project ideas, inventory, etc.

#6 - Green Valley Church

This is for my other job - Children's Director.  I have all my blog posts scheduled there as well as to-do lists and event planning.  

#7 - Personal Goals

In here I have Clean Mama's printable of Fitness goals, Weight Loss Goals, and just a simple lined paper with personal goals. 

If you can't read it some of them are:
- read more to my girls
-  play outside more
-see the bottom of all 3 laundry bins!!
- Go to a nursing home (our New Year's Resolution of being generous)
- Go on a date (Jan)
- Go on a date (Feb)
- Visit my grandparents (in L.A.)
- Complete all chores under January
- Finish our bedroom

Hoping to get all of these checked off by February!

#8 - Misc.

Extra paper, sheet protectors, and printables. 

I have been using this for a week now and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!  It helps me to think clearer because I'm not constantly REMEMBERING!

it's also PERFECT to use with my Much Ado About You planner. 

Hope Ya'll have a great weekend!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Chalkboard tags

I know, you're thinking "Chalkboard paint?  That was so last season."

Well, my friends, I do not feel like I have fully explored all the benefits that chalkboard paint has to offer.

So, here is my attempt to add a little clarity to my home via chalkboard tags.

"Clarity," you ask?

Allow me to explain...

You see, I have two white ceramic canisters on my counter.  They are very simple and I love them.  One holds sugar, and the other holds flour.

Now, since I live here, I know which one is which.

However, when people come to visit they are always asking "where is the sugar?"  (I've found that guests don't have much need for flour, understandably.)

I have loved the chalkboard tags that I have seen in stores, but in my frugality I knew I could make them and save a few bucks.

Here is my attempt at my own custom chalkboard tags.  Super simple, and that's the way I roll so it was a fun little project.
I used rectangular wooden tags from Michael's.  I think they were a dollar, but I had a 50% off coupon.  They measure 1" x 3".

Everything else I already had on hand.  LOVE it when that happens!
I spray painted the rectangles with the chalkboard paint and let them dry for 24 hours (waiting is always the hardest part).

Then I used my cricut to cut out an edge that I liked and traced it onto the rectangle with a pencil.
I used gray for one side and yellow (some days you just want a pop of color, you know?) for the other.  I painted along the pencil line and filled in to the edges.  The gray covered well, the yellow needed a few coats.

Once they dried, I used white paint and edged the design border of the gray.  I edged the yellow one with gray paint.

Let them dry a bit longer.  Then I drilled two holes in them and threaded them with white ribbon (I was going to use twine, but I didn't like the look as much).

I looped them over the top of the canisters, and I am ready to go...
I love how they turned out!

And for those days when we need a little pop of color (which I guess is today since my boys have already flipped them over and proclaimed their preference of the yellow)...
It's always nice to have options.

Now, hopefully my guests appreciate the clarification.  But I'll still answer them, if they ask. :)

Happy Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


by Mollie

  I think that I am getting braver about my fashion choices.  I am realizing how much FUN it is to get creative with clothes.

 Outfit #1
fun right? 

Sweater: Costco
Dress, tights, boots: Target
Earrings & Necklace: Forever 21 

 I kinda felt like I got dressed in the dark but I got a lot of compliments on it, who knew?!?  

Outfit #2
Running errands, business meeting, home-group

I was trying to get all "artistic" with my photo. lame.

I really like this outfit, its SUPER comfy and warm.  The sweatshirt is kinda old though and all stretched out on the sleeves and the bottom. 

Boots: Christmas gift from my mom
Everything else: Target! 

QUESTION!!  I have been working out more in the morning and I love it, BUT i can't figure out a good routine to get out of my workout clothes and looking cute without wasting the whole morning! Any thoughts mamas?!?  

Hope you are having a good week!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happiness is...

O.K., happiness can be MANY things.

Yesterday, happiness was...

Geoff and I had a fantastic breakfast date yesterday morning.  When I left the house it was cloudy and cool, and I attempted to dress all cute for this small chunk of time with him which will probably be the longest we get to see each other all week.

However, as we left breakfast it started to drizzle.  And then by the time I left Home Depot, where I stopped to get a can of paint before heading over to Mollie's, it was really raining.

What!?  Raining?  In San Diego?

I knew just what to do.  I ran home real quick and changed my whole outfit just so I could wear my new rain boots I got for Christmas (thanks Mom!). 

In SD you've gotta take advantage of rainy days since it only rains about twice a year (as stated by the woman at the grocery store who commented on my boots because she wants some but her husband things they're a ridiculous purchase considering where we live).

Even as I sit here, and watch the rain out my window, those blue boots make me smile.

That's why they sit here...

by my front door where I can see them all the time.

And now that I have my own boots, I can do this...

with them...

which makes me the happiest woman in the world!

What made you smile today?
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hello Monday

by Mollie

  Linking up again with Lisa again for Hello Monday!
These photos are from a dark beach picnic and playing outside.

Hello starting off the week right by doing my devotional

Hello spending quality time with my girls

Hello making healthy meals and MORE VEGGIES!!

Hello working out 4x a week @ Stroller Strides

Hello making a business plan with a great business partner

Hello Etsy Shop  love

Hello finding more teachers for Sunday School  :)

Hello rain and colder weather.  I have MISSED YOU!

Hello Monday!

What are your plans for the week?  Leave a comment...tell me.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pictures of Paradise

Just wanted to share a few more pics from my family's recent trip to El Salvador.  (You can check out part 1 of our trip posted on Tuesday)

We were in the tiny, surfing town of El Zonte putting on a Bible School for the local children.  It was simply beautiful.  Hot, but beautiful.

We would spend the morning with the kids, break for lunch, play some more, and every evening we would take a smoothie break before dinner.  Mandy (the lovely woman and friend who set up everything for our team) had us spread out where we ate so that many local families got a chance to benefit from our large group paying a large bill.

El Teco (Myron's family) was my personal favorite.  We would eat at tables on the sand while the little hermit crabs scampered around our feet.  They also had a few hammocks near the water.  My favorite spot...
(And Geoff's, apparently.)  You pay good money in the states to have a table look like that! 
Jackson fell in love with papusas (masa stuffed with beans and cheese and cooked in a pan), and REAL coke.  Delicious!
This was our buddy the parakeet who would eat our crumbs that we left on the table, or out of our mouths as you can see.
There were some great tide pools that we explored with our older boys.  They made friends with the local dogs whom they loved.  They were all so gentle and would follow us around wherever we went.  The hut structures that you see are local restaurants.  The locals usually live in a "house" that is connected to their dining area (a sandy area with tables and chairs) and serve food out of their little kitchen to the tourists.
On New Year's Eve, we got to take over the kitchen at Alex's (the place where we stayed).  Every year, all the guests sign up to make something and they have a potluck dinner.  We made rice.  My favorite was baked ziti made by a Canadian surfer.  Will preferred the M&M cookies that Emily and Nick made.  Then we hunkered down for the night with the boys.  They fell asleep, and Geoff and I sat outside our room and watched the fireworks on the beach.  All fireworks are legal, so it was fun to see such a great show.  A great way to start 2012!
This is our giant iguana buddy who would hang out on our bathroom bamboo ceiling.  Trying to take a shower while this guy was hanging out over our heads was pretty exciting.
We played a lot of Banagrams.  Nestor even tried to play along.  So cute!!!
Jackson loves to draw.  He was showing his friend Blanca some of his artwork.  Blanca loved my kids, and we love her!  She was so happy and kind.  Jackson bought his shell necklace from some sweet sisters who came to our VBS.  When did he become so old?
One of the highlights of our trip came about by chance.  We knew that a local man collected giant sea turtle eggs and hatched the babies.  On Sunday, they were going to release the baby turtles into the ocean.  We got there a bit late, and there were so many people on the beach since it was New Year's Day.  We only got to see one turtle left, about to be swept out into the ocean.  We were still happy to have seen the little guy.
However, on our last day there, as we were leaving the beach to get packed up for our flight the next morning a young boy stopped me on the beach.  He was holding a blue bucket with about 15 baby turtles inside.  They were going to release more and with barely anyone on the beach that Tuesday evening we had a front row seat.  Each of our boys got to release their own turtle.  How can you not love this...
They were so cute!  This was such a special thing to be able to do.  The man who hatched them used this as an educational tool.  He taught the children about taking care of the beach and about picking up all their basura (trash) so that this beach would remain a nice place where these turtles could return one day to lay their eggs.  It was so fun to watch them waddle out to the water.

What a great adventure, in such a beautiful country!  We will always remember this trip, and we are so thankful that God called us to serve here.  Even if it was only for a short time.  We already look forward to going back again!
Thank you El Zonte!  What a blessing you have been to my family!

Happy Thursday everyone,