Thursday, September 22, 2011

HELP! I need inspiration! AND {InstaFriday}

by Mollie

 HELP!! I totally hated the wall display I had up in our living room so on an impulse I bought a couple floating shelves from Target and took everything off the wall.  My goal was to put up two shelves and decorate them as one would a mantel since we don't have one in our home.  ONLY ONE PROBLEM:  Those shelves are horrible! All they left me with are 4 GIANT holes in my wall.  I have to go return them this week (fingers crossed they accept them back).  So now I am left with a blank wall.... and no inspiration.  I have a new subway art family rules sign coming to me next week and I want to incorporate that in my decor.   Here is what I am working with...

Pardon the bad lighting...I took this photo at 7pm... 

I have the collage of frames on the left that I rotate out different scrapbook paper for the season/whim.  I need to put the fall paper back in there... whoopsie! 

I AM ACCTEPTING any new pins or ideas that you would so kindly suggest.  I know if I put it out there in the blog world I can get some good feedback! 

ok... now onto {InstaFriday}

sleeping in the same position! LOVE.


knocked out after playing at Nana's house. (2nd best place next to Dland)


Yep...this is how I blog when Daddy is gone at Basketball practice.  Nope...that's not a dolly on the right, that's Pennie..

Hope ya'll are doing well... Can't wait to get some good suggestions. 



The Chuns said...

Ok I am having the same frustration, I want something like a mantel to put seasonal decorations up that I don't want my little beaver getting to. I think I am going to get a big one from Ikea, they have different sizes and use braces of different kinds, they also have the floating variety. Ours will be over our tv I think and the wall is not huge so one shelf or maybe three medium ones in a zig zag. What do you think?

Kristin said...

What about doing a little DIY project! You could buy some cute brackets (i saw some at ikea, or maybe home goods) and then use wood scraps and stain or paint them. Then they would be the perfect size and look just how you want them too and you could do your mantle idea which i love! Just a thought from one creative mind to another :)