Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

by Mollie

      This is almost becoming habit now. Scary thought.

Day #1.  Dont ask me what I am doing in this picture.  I got a new tripod and have been playing around with it.  I get kind of awkward posing by myself as seen in this photo. 

So I got one of my favorite people to pose with! Miss Pennie Rose!  

On her: hand me downs from a sweet friend with girls the same age difference as mine. Zoie had on the matching outfit but was napping.  From Children's Place
Infinity Scarf & Tank: Target
Sweater: Marshalls (notice the stripes & floral?!? I kind of love it now!)
Jeans: Gap Outlet.  
Not Pictured: my new black Toms! i LOVE LOVE LOVE them.  

Zoie just got her pink sparkly Toms in the mail.  When she opened the box she said: "Oh my goodness! I can not believe it! They are SO fancy!" She has since refused to take them off. I had to sneak back in her room to take them off last night after she fell asleep.  Girl loves accessories...

Day #2: Thanksgiving.

Posing in my childhood bedroom at my parents house.  

Side note: Does anyone else feel awkward having their husband sleep in their childhood bed? I was NEVER allowed to have boys in my room so it still just feels weird. 

Necklace: Vintage.  Borrowed from my big cousin (SISTER) who lives around the corner.  Ahh..the perks of going home, getting to raid her closet. :)
Shirt: Target

Skirt: Stacy Lynn  Just got from Queen Bee! I promised myself that if it was still there when the market was over and in my size then I could get it and with 10 minutes left of the market it was still there!!  
Tights & Boots: Target

The weather is supposed to change around here pretty soon.  I am thrilled! I can get out my heavy sweaters and adorable jackets that I get to wear twice a year in San Diego! 

Hope you all have a great week!


christmas card countdown...

O.K., it's that time of year.

The cards start rolling in.  Mollie and I would love to hear any creative ways you display them.  I just tuck them into a couple fabric ribbon boards by our breakfast table.  I love that we see them all the time and that they stay up year round.

My display may be simple, but I tend to go a little overboard with the actual making of our Christmas cards.  This year I am keeping it simple.  For the first time, I am actually ordering them online and I am pretty jazzed about it!  Oh, all the time I will save (if only my husband and I could decide on which photo and design).

I thought I would show a couple of our cards from the past.  Maybe it will give you an idea or two.

This is the first one I made, circa 2005 (yikes!)...

 It looked like a little present, but then you folded down the "box" to find the greeting.
This card was fun, but time consuming.  2006 we ordered Costco.  2007 a friend did them for us (I had just had a baby).

Then came 2008...
 I refer to this as "the joy project".  This was the year I was introduced to the Cricut machine.  I did not have one, but my friend Courtney did :)
 Having 3 little ones, made it the perfect fit!
You flipped open the inside for the family photo and greeting.

The next year, I took it a bit easier with this card...
Fun paper with a simple band for the greeting.  This was one of my favorites.  I still have it on our refrigerator.

And then there was last year.  I WAY overdid it, but when I put my mind to something...
 My friend Courtney made us these great pennants (again the j-o-y thing worked out great), and we headed over to a local barn for these great shots.  I mounted the photo on fun patterned paper that matched the pennants in the picture and cut them out on the Cricut as large tags.
 I cut out each boys little head shot and glued them to craft paper for extra support.  Then I attached them to the card with a simple key ring.  The neat part is that these little "key rings" have turned into little prayer photos for some fantastic friends and family.  They remember to pray for my little guys when they see them.  Gotta LOVE that!  I printed up a simple greeting on the back, and there you have it.
Can you see why I am excited to order them online this year?

It has always been worth it, but this year I need a break.

I hope all your Christmas cards are coming along well!  I know I can't wait to start receiving them (assuming I'm on your list :).

Happy Tuesday everyone!
(BTW, all photos are from the amazingly talented Cindy Kyle.  I am so thankful for her never ending patience and willingness to follow us wherever we may drag her.)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cyber Monday Sale!!

by Mollie

  I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!! I know that I am eager to get my Christmas shopping done and I'm almost finished (miracle!!)

  Holly and I have been working very hard and we have STUFFED our shop with new inventory just in time for the holidays and cyber Monday.  AND on top of that we have a very special discount code just for our Yellowmedaisy readers!!  (its at the bottom of this post)

 Here is a sneak peek of the new items we have in our shop!

  Superhero Capes!  Holly made a LOT of them for Queen Bee and we almost completely sold out but not to fear... we have more for our readers!! Girls colors too!!

Fort Blankets!!  Everything you need to make the PERFECT fort with your kiddos.

Felt Tool Boxes!!  Im totally in love with these.  While I was making them Zoie came up and grabbed the hammer and proceeded to hit Pennie on the head with it while saying "bam, bam, bam"  (*Zoie really does LOVE her sister and i would NEVER let her hit on the head with a hard object... save the emails, I'm a good parent, I promise!!)  Because of the felt... Pennie just smiled and cooed! She was just excited Zoie was paying attention to her.  It was then and there I made Zoie her very own and she plays with it EVERY day! She is always looking to "help" me fix something. LOVE her using her imagination!! 

Play Pouches.. Kinda like the girl version of the roll and go car mat.  I don't know about you moms out there but my Zoie LOVES the Disney princesses and she has they tiny little plastic figures that we HAVE to bring with us everywhere.  I only let her bring two but even then it gets challenging to keep track of them, plus my own children, objects, etc... Solution ?!? The play pouch. Hold two figures perfectly and fits on their tiny little wrists so THEY are responsible for their little friends. 

Of course we still have LOTS of the Roll and Go Car Mats.  They are a hit!  Hurry and scoop one up for your favorite little guy.  They are a great present with a car or two tucked inside! 

We hope you get a chance to stop by our little shop and get some of your Christmas shopping done for your little ones.  Maybe even grab something for yourself?!? We won't tell. :)

And just because we LOVE you.  Use this code  CYBERMONDAY  for %15 percent off your entire order! (this code is good until the end of the week, again... cause we LOVE you!)

Happy Shopping!!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

A time for giving thanks.

Mollie and I wanted to spend this Thanksgiving writing out what we are thankful for.  

Of course there is too much to list here, but it is good to remind oneself of God's amazing blessings.

So here we go...

I, Holly, am thankful for

the way little man always says, "Excuse me mommy, I love you."
a husband who loves me very well
friends who have blessed me with unconditional love
a grandfather who started our family on the path of living lives for Jesus
my boys' little red barn school
a father-in-law who takes great care of us
big man's incredible blue eyes
the large sycamore tree, perfectly centered outside my window, in my front yard
a full pantry
freckles on middle mans nose and cheeks  
good health
the color gray
a God who loves me more than I could ever imagine          

I, Mollie, am thankful for

my Zoie who says "mommy, you make me so happy."
jeans, especially ones that fit really well
my wonderful husband who is patient with me and loves our little girls so well
coffee - in every shape and color
cozy blankies and movies with friends
cuddling babies
early mornings with my Lord
my Savior
my camera, to capture my blessing of a family
my Pennie, who greets me with a smile every morning
an incredible church family

Have a blessed Thanksgiving! 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

WIWW- with a very special guest

by Mollie

 This What I Wore Wednesday is very special because I took my picture with Miss WIWW herself! We were both vendor @ the Queen Bee Market and it was so fun to spend some time with Lindsey!

  Sweater: Gap Outlet
Skirt: Banana Republic Outlet
Skirt & Boots: Target 

Have a very happy holiday week!!

Queen Bee Recap...

We had a fabulous, bit of crazy, weekend in Del Mar at the Queen Bee Market.

We love getting together with such greatly talented people, and "talking shop."

But more than that, we had a great time this weekend developing friendships with these greatly talented people.

Here's a few photos to recap, and highlight what we got to be a part of...
This is Creme de la Gems.  Oh my goodness this woman is talented!  Not only are her displays super cute (notice the vintage window in the back with her logo painted on it), but her hand sculpted goodies are amazing!  I picked up a couple little cupcake necklaces for my nieces, but I really wanted her little nativity set for myself.  The details are amazing, but I am sure that little baby Jesus would be lost in my house of 3 boys in no time so I restrained myself.  You have to check her out!
Next on our tour is Funky Vintage Lovely.  In the interest of full disclosure, this picture was taken from the summer show, but I had to show you all the good stuff because this is where I did the bulk of my Christmas shopping.  She had these great, fabric coffee sleeves wrapped up with Starbucks gift cards.  Genius teacher gift, and possibly perfect for a possible member of my family (shhh!).  April and her husband Dave have even started a home decor line...
D + A Home had some fun pieces including these great art boards.  I loved the vintage lockers that they used as shelving and they had lots of fun signature magnetic chalk boards.  Super cute!
The Pleated Poppy is always full of good stuff.  Lindsey even made some great holiday items such as stockings, in all her great fabric combinations, and tea towels.  The quality of her work is amazing!
Tamera Beardsley was new this time around, and I loved her!  Her display was amazing and all her jewelry was beautiful!  Look at all those little vintage suitcases on the floor.  They were also filled with goodies like little chalkboard tags.  Loved them!
And then there is Joyful Joyful.  Courtney makes beautiful banners for every occasion.  Her paper choices and color combinations are fabulous.  And she has a great new product...
These are little wooden stands (either in white or a beautiful, dark stain) that hold her mini banners.  They make a great centerpiece or can work anywhere you need a pop of sentiment (no mantle required).  What a fantastic idea, and the mini banners can be changed out for new ones whenever the occasion requires.  Smart!

Well, that is it for now.  We hope you enjoyed our little mini tour of Queen Bee.  I wish I had taken more pictures, but we really were busy little bees (chuckle).

Happy Tuesday!


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Handmade Boutiques!

by Mollie

  If you haven't heard already today is Queen Bee Market!! I hope that you gals get the opportunity to come down and shop.  I have already scooped up some ADORABLE items and am contemplating more!!


 Today the market is open from NOW till 4pm.  Hurry and go!!

 In other exciting news! Holly and her Bible Study girls (I guess i'm helping a little too)  are putting on a handcrafted boutique of our own!

         For more information please click HERE.  If you are interested in becoming a vendor please message us ASAP.  We are SUPER excited about this boutique and would love to see you there.

  Happy Saturday peeps!


Friday, November 18, 2011

BEE there or BEE square

by Mollie

 Today is the day!! Queen Bee Market is here! Come visit Holly & I down at the Queen Bee Market in Del Mar.

 Can't wait to see you. and get our booth set up so I dont have to worry about it anymore. :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

by Mollie

   I had a CRAZY busy week with Zoie's birthday party.  And apparently in my chaos I wore the same shirt twice.  I probably could have gotten away with it but these are the only two pictures from this week so indeed I confess my mistake to the world wide web.

Shirt: Gap Outlet
Mustard Sweater: Banana Republic Outlet
Cute Hubby & Adorable Girls:  JESUS!! 

The nana helping out with the party! 

Shirt: Gap Outlet (AGAIN!)
Sweater: Target (2-3 yrs ago)
Red Felt Bow: made by me.. possibly selling soon?

Ok. Off to get things ready for Queen Bee...  By the way, are you going to be there?!?

 If you are coming by please tweet or fb me! We want to see you face to face.