Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easter Garden

Easter is a very special holiday in our home.

We love being able to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, and I am always looking for simple ways to make such a profound and life changing historical moment real for my kids.  I want them to get it, but I know that they are little boys and it may take a bit.

But this year I came across a beautiful visual of the empty tomb on a friends facebook page.

It involves dirt, seeds, and rocks.  Seriously, a gold mine for my boys.  We even invited our best friends over to make one of their own to take home with them.  We had so much fun.

This is what we started with...
We started with putting a thin layer of potting soil in the saucer.  My saucer was about 14 inches across.  Then I laid the mini flower pot on its side in the middle of the saucer, and kept adding more and more soil until there was a nice mound over the pot.  Since the pot is on it's side, there is an opening under the mound of soil, kind of like a cave.

We added some rocks (don't forget the stone that was rolled away), and the kids made 3 mini crosses out of sticks.

Then, we generously sprinkled grass seed over all of the mound of soil and watered well with a spray bottle.

It ended up looking like this...
And now we will watch it (and spritz it with water daily) until Easter when the grass should spring up all over our mound of soil (keeping my fingers crossed on this one).
This will make a great centerpiece on Easter as well!

So glad we could share this with our friends!
You can check out the finished product here if you just can't waitIt is pretty cool!

Now I'm off to get ready for Sew Funky Market this Sat. in Riverside.

Happy Thursday!

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