Friday, March 9, 2012

Art Gallery {for the kiddos}

by Mollie

  Zoie, Pennie, and I go to Mommy and Me preschool and we LOVE it.  We have an incredible teacher and an amazing class.  All of the moms there are so great and it is the highlight of our week.

 Zoie always comes home with such cute artwork and I was at a loss of how/where to display it for her.  Our fridge is magnetic but its not very strong and I'm constantly knocking papers off so that option was out.  I quickly scoured Pinterest (OF COURSE) and came up with this solution...

I grabbed some cheap and easy frames from Ikea, threw some scrapbook paper in them, and hot glued a strong clip to the top.   

I put them low of the wall so they are at Zoie's eye level.  She LOVES coming home from preschool and hanging up her art on her gallery. 

She brings everyone over to her wall to explain her art work (p.s.. this one is rainbows, duh!) 

Looking forward to more of her artwork to display soon!



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nrailsback said...

What an amazing idea!! So colorful and creative and pretty to display on the wall. I love the thought of Zoie telling me about her pictures!! You are a fabulous Mama!!