Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dreaming of a tween room

I am the mother of an (almost) 10 year old.  

How did that happen?  Where did the time go?  Now what?

I am entering the world of semi-independence and "I'm too cool for that, mom."

I know I need to back off a bit and give him some space, and we are doing just that.

He gets to move into his own room.  He is so ready for some space from his little brothers, and I don't blame him.

So, my dilemma is creating a space for him that will grow with him but that isn't too old to start with.  I have really struggled with getting inspiration for a "tween" room.  Pottery Barn kids is too babyish, but there teen stuff is a bit too old for my taste.  (And Jackson is a young 10 year old, which we love!  Kids grow up too fast these days anyway.)   

As parents, we have decided that our kids will not have a t.v. or computer in their rooms (not enough accountability, especially for boys).  

SO, how to make it cool without all the "cool" gadgets?

We are just getting started on this process.  The final results will be around his birthday at the beginning of May.  Here's some of the inspiration I have found...
 LOVE the idea of a built in look around his window.  I am trying to find just the right bookshelves and then we will get a piece of wood, paint it white, and bracket it to either side of the shelves to make a desk.  I always wanted a desk that looked out a window (granted his view will be our neighbors house, but it is a little ways off so it's not like he will be staring into their windows or anything :)  Jackson is an excellent student and I think a desk like this would really be perfect for him, and having it "built in" frees up a lot of space in the room for play.  Win/win!!!
 LOVE these colors, and Jacks does too!  I found a really random oversized green jack (you know, like the game) at Target the other day and I think it will be the inspiration for an accent color as well as a fun play on his name.  I could totally design a whole room around one random find.  
LOVE the wall behind the bed, but that is a bit out of our budget and expertise so I may just have to keep dreaming about that one.
LOVE the bedding!  On the hunt for a navy and white striped duvet.  (And isn't that rug amazing!)
Jackson LOVES the map wall.  Gonna have to fit that in somehow.  I will be heading to AAA for some free maps next week.  Sounds like a fun project!
 Thought this would be a cool project for Jacks (CA not TX) to hang on his wall.  Nails and string, simple enough!

Enough inspiration to get us started.  I am excited to see how we tweek it all to make it Jackson.

I am also on the hunt for the perfect shade of "tan", which is what he wants to paint the walls.  I think it can be drab, so I am thinking about this one.  With the all white built in and white trim, maybe it wouldn't be too bad.

As we start the process, I will post pics.  I like to think I am ready for this... but the room we are changing into Jacks room has been the nursery for our youngest, and letting go of that has been a bit hard, so we'll see how this goes.  It's hard getting rid of the last baby stuff, you know?

Anyway, thanks for brain storming with me.  Jackson is super excited and involved in this whole process and that makes me happy.  He is ready, and I will be too (mini pep talk).

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Dana said...

I just got rid of all our baby gear and it was sad. Crazy to move into a new stage of parenthood. We are far from a 10 year old, but these transitions are hard on mamas! I painted our house tan - Oatlands Subtle Taupe from Lowes.

YeLLoWMeDaiSY said...

Thanks for the color tip!!! I'll check it out.