Friday, March 23, 2012

Dreams... {for my Kitchen}

by Mollie

  We moved into our little home a little over 2 years ago.  When we first bought the house it was CRAZY! The people before us had a very unusual style.  Our living room was LEMON yellow, the nursery was TANGERINE orange, and the bedroom was LIME green (are you sensing a fruit theme?)

Do you see the craziness?!?  Before we even moved in we painted, put down hardwood floor, and overall just made it less crazy! 

I have shown bits and pieces of my house here and there... maybe one day when it is completely clean I'll give a little home tour (don't hold your breath for anytime soon) 

ANYWAYS... we are constantly trying to continue upgrading our home and we just finished the bathroom and the bedroom. 

My next dream is the kitchen.  We have AWESOME Ikea cabinets that the previous owners put in but they didn't install the counters correctly.  I got a Keruig for Christmas and it leaked overnight.  We woke up in the morning to our counter tops all bubbled up and water logged. (UH OH!) Since then we have been throwing around the idea of redoing the kitchen. 

Here are some recent "pinspirations" that have been catching my eye.

We are just trying to fill up our piggy bank so we can put in new counters, back splash, and paint. I am leaning more towards a white counter top but I'm nervous about staining.  Anyone have any great suggestions?

  Hope you have a great weekend. 


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Paige said...

Love the pins! So inspiring! Have fun with your kitchen!