Monday, October 3, 2011

New Fall Decor

by Mollie

  So I have been procrastinating getting out house ready for Fall decor.  Remember a couple weeks ago when I asked for some decorating help for our wall here?  Well I finally figured it out! Here is the finished product... and I have to admit.. I'm kind of in love.

I put up two shelves from Lowe's (I say "I" MIL came and helped get it done. AWESOME!).  SOOO much better than the ones from Target.  They attach with two posts and a bracket, WAY sturdier than the flimsy bracket with the other shelves ( can you tell I kind of hated the other ones?!?)

I added some artificial flowers in fall colors and a wooden candlestick from Michaels for a little Fall Flavor. The photo is right after Ronnie proposed to me.  We have the goofiest grins on our faces and it makes me smile every time I see it. 
**I always fill  my vases with baking soda.  Its a great vase filler and a neutral background. **

I switch out the paper in these frames for my "fall" paper.  I love having the option to switch up my art any time I want.  I think I got this pack from JoAnns for $10.

Pardon the adorable baby in the corner.  She's my model and shes out year round. :)  A Little tutorial for the owl pillow is here..  From when I first started YeLLoWMeDaiSY by myself before Holly came along. 

Onto the Shelves!!  

I made the wreath myself here..  The R is from JoAnns. The photo is from our honeymoon in Hawaii (amazing!)  and the other doo dads are from random places. :)

The Family rules are from My Treehouse Treasures.  I got to personalize the top and it came in the mail.  I LOOOOOOVE iT!!  Everything else is random from local boutiques around San Diego.  The photo is one of our engagement shots. 

it makes me smile now to open my front door and see Fall smiling back at me, although I'm already thinking about how to decorate for Christmas.  


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Deborah said...

Love the updates but you should straighten those scrapbook paper frames!