Thursday, October 20, 2011

Needing a little help

by Holly

Hey everyone!

I posted a few weeks ago about my "thankful" banner that I made last year.

I hung it from our mantle, and I cut out blank, paper leaves that my family would write what they were thankful for each evening.  We started the week before thanksgiving, and it turned out to be such a special time with the boys.
The banner started out like this, and throughout the week we added our leaves.  Some favorites...
                                                  (The hot fudge sundae was mine :)
                                              Is it obvious that I live in a house of boys?

By the end of the week, our banner was covered in blessings...
I dated each leaf, and wrote the name of who wrote it on the back so that when I took out the banner this year we could see the things that we were thankful for last year.  Great reminder!

So, where does the need for help come from?

Well, my family (all 5 of us) will be spending the end of this year in a little town in El Salvador on a mission trip.  To help raise money for our trip, I have made some "thankful" banners that we are selling for $25.  They come with everything you need (leaves and clips included).  All proceeds go directly to our trip.

As you can imagine, getting all five of us there is quite pricey.  We have been doing fundraisers with the kids, and we think the lessons they are learning through this whole process are priceless.

If you think this is a family tradition you would like to start, please check out my family blog here

For some reason, the comment section of that blog is not working.  So if you would like one, could you please leave a comment (with the number you would like) on this (YeLLoWMeDaiSY) blog. 

I have sold half of them, and there are still some great ones left.

Thank you for letting me steer away from the usual YeLLoWMeDaiSY.  Trust me, Mollie and I do not take lightly that you are willing to spend some time with us a few days a week.  You all are a blessing, and we are thankful for YOU!

Happy Thursday!

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Jen Grossi said...

Hey Hol,

Did you want me to pay by following the directions on your family website or is it better to use Paypal? I'm happy to do whatever works best for you. Just let me know!