Monday, October 31, 2011

Event Recap

by Mollie

  So by now most of you know that I am the Christian Education Director at Green Valley Church in Rancho Bernardo.  I am BLESSED to be apart of this church let alone be on staff.  I have an AMAZING staff that I work with and we had the pleasure to put on a fun event last week.  We hosted a Father/Son event titled "A Pirates Life for Me!"  It was a hoot!  Boys and their dads were invited for dinner and a pirate adventure and were required to dress up like pirates!

  I was really excited about the decor this event (me being a girl and all)  and found a TON of inspiration on Pinterest. OF COURSE!

We used Marie Callender's pie tin plates.  They were gracious enough to let us borrow the plates at no cost! We served hot dogs, mac & cheese, Cheetos, and lemonade.  Perfect guy food right?!?

We had a dress up station where the boys could add to their costumes if they wanted.  We provided hats, bandannas,  mustaches, and eye patches. 

We passed out treasure maps of each station to the boys and their dads. 

Treasure Dig! 

Hook Untie (Untie as many knots as possible using a hook in 2 minutes!)

Nail Me Timbers - How many nails can you get in a block of wood in 2 minutes?

Pirate Pumpkin Decorating (thanks Oriental Trading Company!)

Pirate Dress Up - Boys got to dress up their dads however they wanted and get to take photos! For privacy I can't publish everyone's photos but I can show you Holly's lovely family! 

Then there was the obstacle course where they had to walk the plank, crawl through the cave (under the table), do 10 jumping jacks (you would be surprised how many kids dont know how to do jumping jacks anymore!) , crawl around the trees, "swim" on a dolly, and toss treasure (coins) into a treasure chest

Our very own Pastor Doug dressed up as a pirate and gave a little talk about the importance of the Father/Son relationship.  It was so great to see dads and sons eating, playing, worshiping, and learning together! 


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