Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Pillow Slipcover - Whooooo's ready for Fall?!?

Hello all you out there in blog world! I have had the Fall bug lately to decorate for fall (be watching for an upcoming blog about little touches to get into the spirit!  I have a very long L shaped sofa that was crying out to me for some touches of the season.  I decided to get crafty and create some slipcovers for my more boring pillows and here is what I came up with! 
 Here is what you need:

 -    One pillow you want to cover (or Pillow form available at any craft store)
 -   1/2 yard material (my pillow was 16 inches by 16 inches but enough material to cover plus 1/4 inch seam allowance)
-    Felt ( I chose to make an owl but I think lots of things could be really cute! Pumpkin, Tree, leaves, Flowers, get creative!)
-    Matching Thread
-   Hot Glue Gun
-   Tools for sewing (rotary cutter, mat, sewing machine, pins)
-   invisible zipper 12-14inches
-  fusible backing
-  iron
-  scissors

To start:
    1st put together the Felt item you want to.  I drew out my owl on a piece of paper then cut out the pieces in the colors of felt that I thought went nicely.  A little hot glue and my owl guy was ready to go!

 Next square up your fabric and cut to the measurement that you would like.  I cut mine to 17inches square which ended up to be a good thing because my pillow was extra fluffy and it would have been really tight had I gone any smaller.   Looking at the right side of one of the pieces of fabric, attach your felted friend. Using fusible backing (iron on) attach your little guy. Make sure you follow the directions of the package, it can get confusing. Now is the time for the zipper...duh duh duh... I have been sewing/quilting for a long time but have avoided putting in a zipper. This was my first time! It was actually easier than I thought. I wish I had taken pictures of the process but because i'm new (i'm going to milk that excuse) I totally forgot.  I am working on another slipcover and will take pictures of the zipper for that process I promise!.  Follow the instructions on the package of the zipper, click this link, or wait a couple of days till I post my simple instructions with pictures!  Once your zipper is attached with the wrong sides together (hopefully, otherwise get out your seam ripper) sew around the pillow to make it square.  Flip it right side out and cover your pillow. Wha-la! A brand new pillow for pennies of what it would have cost you.  

However...as always...if you would like to purchase this project click on this link for my etsy store.  I will be happy to make different color combinations and felted friends for whatever the occasion! 

 Hope you enjoy this little pillow. My daughter Z is loving giving him kisses every time she passes by. Happy crafting everyone!


Make it Yours @ My Backyard Eden


Janet said...

Very cute! I like the colors you chose. :)

Jen @ lil Mop Top said...

cute! my son's new 'big boy' room is owls so this would be perfect!

Van said...

This came out so cute, I love the little owl!