Thursday, October 27, 2011

A little halloween fun

I am not a huge fan of halloween.

My earliest memories of this strange, sugar coated, evening are of running to my sisters room and hiding under her bed EVERY time the door bell rang.  I did this until I was about 8 years old.  The whole night spooked me.  (I also had a very active imagination, which did not help.)

I am more a fan now because I have kids.  And my kids love dressing up.

And, so do I.  This is last year.  We were all Star Wars characters.  Wondering what Middle Man is in the black box?  Han Solo frozen in carbonite, of course (now that was a paper mache undertaking).

So much fun, and so much lighter than a lot of the scary costumes we see in our neighborhood.

On to this year... my kids have been begging me to decorate for halloween.  I'm just not into it.  However, in our recent Family Fun magazine there was a fun purple monster wreath that I thought my kids might like to make.  It was super easy.  They just needed help with the hot glue gun.

We started with a foam wreath, ping pong balls, and 2 purple feather boas (in the magazine they show purple furry fabric, but I couldn't find any so this was my best option)
My kids added pupils to the ping pong eyeballs with a black sharpie (don't use a regular marker because it bleeds really weird on the ping pong ball) and then I hot glued them to the wreath in different places.
Then they just wrapped the boas around the wreath and I hot glued the ends in place.  Finished product...
A fun pop of color on my front door. 

Now if only figuring out our costumes for this year was this easy!  Stay tuned for pictures...

Happy Thursday everyone!

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Christy said...

That's a great wreath! Eyeballs. Gotta love it. And I'm a big fan of your costumes last year!