Thursday, October 13, 2011

One project down...

by Holly

O.K., so I got a little ahead of myself once the kids went back to school.  I had all these great project ideas, and none of them have gotten done... except 1.

I finally finished our "Family Rules".  YAY!!!

I kinda had to finish this one since I kept stepping over this giant canvas that has been propped up against the wall, laying under the dining table, and spread out on the family room floor.

I got my inspiration from Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy.  I have LOVED the one she has in her house (take her home tour, you will get so many great ideas).  She ended up using fabric for hers, while I used scrapbook paper.

I painted the canvas a light gray first, then cut the strips of paper to size.  I wrote out each rule (I used different fonts from the computer as a guideline) with a paint pen, but you can also print them out or copy them with carbon paper.  When I was done, I used mod podge to glue the paper to the canvas and then I put a couple coats over the top to give it a nice sheen.

I LOVE it!  Here it is...
Since I live in a house with all boys, there are not many feminine touches around here.  I love all the patterned papers in soft colors.

And the best part for my family, is where it is placed in our house...
In the time out corner :)  Don't you love my model?  I asked him to make his best mad face.  This is all he could come up with.  Gotta love him!  (And no, the ruler is not part of our time out routine.  He just happened to be carrying it around with him.)

My thought is that my kids are going to become VERY familiar with these rules while their sitting in their time outs.

And it's pretty to boot.  Beautiful, simple, and practical.  All my favs!

Now, for all my other projects... (sigh)

Happy Thursday!

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