Friday, April 29, 2011

1 week and counting...

by Holly

For any of you in the Southern California area, the Queen Bee Market starts next Friday.  Check out our link.  There will be many amazing vendors offering their finest creations.  Mollie and I had our planning meeting today, and hopefully we will be ready.
In the meantime, my kids had a hankering for some old school fun (while momma was sewing away).  Do you guys remember slip-n-slides?  I think that back in the early days (really, I am NOT as old as this may seem) slip-n-slides started out as big black trash bags opened up with a hose running down them.  Turn on the water, and it's instant fun time!  Thankfully, they have evolved since then.  Some have amazing bells and whistles, but my kids would have settled for the trash bag version.  Anything with water, and they're good.
About a week ago, my husband put out a facebook plea for any unused slip-n-slides that our kids could have the pleasure of adopting.  A great family in our church, whose boys are older, kindly gave us theirs.  The boys were so excited to try it out yesterday, and I was glad to have a little extra work time.  Here's how it went...

   (he didn't quite get the sliding on your belly concept, but close enough)

Again, it is the simple things that sometimes bring the biggest giggles.  A piece of plastic and a garden hose and they were good to go.  I'm looking forward to this weekend with my family and enjoying the simple things.  Happy Friday!

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