Monday, May 2, 2011

Making Something Pretty...

by Mollie
We are in the process of transitioning Z into a big girl bed.  We are blessed to have a "charming" (code: small) house and we only have 1 bedroom for the kids.  If everything goes as planned they are going to be about 19 months apart and I really didn't want 2 cribs therefore Z gets the boot out of the baby crib.  We recently repainted the nursery (more pics and posts about the story of our home later) and I wanted something really cute and girly for her bed so I decided to make her a duvet cover.

I scored at Marshalls with 2 Ralph Lauren sheet sets that i love!! I liked the color scheme and that i could use either side depending on my or Z's mood.   I took the flat sheet out of both and decided to use those as the duvet cover.  The best part about getting these sets is I already have pillowcases made and I have the material from the fitted sheets to use for shams or possibly for crib bedding if we have another little girl (we dont know the sex of the baby...its going to be a great surprise!) 

  I pinned both of them right sides together and sewed up 3 sides.  I left the "tops" of the sheets open (the side that has some of the right side fabric folded over.  Once I had all 3 sides sewn I turned it right side out.

 I cut 10 ribbons about 5 inches each.  I pinned them along the open side about 12 inches apart all the way down and sewed them down with back and forth zig zag stiches.

Then I added the duvet (thank Ikea!) and tied the ribbons shut. 

 This is the before…. A pink mess…

 And after…It definitely adds some color and pop to her bed.  In fact, the night I put her bed together with the duvet and decorative pillows she slept through the night in her bed! Maybe she is just like her mama and needs something to be cute and complete before she can rest.

 Z trying out her new bed...
 Figuring out how to get out of her new bed.... only took about 5 seconds...
 Pretending to sleep and be a "big girl!"
That’s all for now… Gotta go get our display and inventory ready for the Queen Bee Market!! If you are in the San Diego area this weekend please come and check it out.  Seriously, the cutest stuff I have every seen…I’m already anticipating what this is going to do to my checkbook. 



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