Monday, April 25, 2011


by Mollie
   I love candlesticks but I dont love their price.  I have been wanting some silver candlesticks to decorate my table for awhile now and everywhere I go they are out of my price range.  So i opted for a little redesign to get what I wanted. Awhile ago i picked up these really hideous candlesticks from Target.  Its hard to tell in the picture but they are a metallic aqua color.  They were originally $14.99 a piece (yeah right!!) and they were on double double clearance down to $2.98 a piece (more my style)  i snagged those babies up. 

I really liked their shape and that they were made from a lightweight material.  Once i had them home i cleaned them up from all the sticky goo from multiple clearance stickers and was ready to spray paint! 
 I got out my trusty can of silver matte and went at it.  Its not perfect in some places so don’t look to closely but for around $6 I got my "silver" candlesticks I had been wanting.
p.s. I put baking soda in my vases with artificial flowers.  It stabilizes the arrangement and I like that extra pop of white. 
  I dont have a fireplace or a mantle so my dining room table is my place to put decoration for the season. I love how they balance out my table display and I like changing out the candles for different seasons and occasions.  Most importantly, I love not spending a lot of money and getting a lot of enjoyment out of something... Blessings!

pardon Minnie Mouse in the picture... I think she was taking a break from being "loved"

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nrailsback said...

Honey, I love the shape of your candlesticks!! I would be proud to have them on my table to create such a beautiful picture of warmth and welcome. So creative!! Love it and you