Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Little Superheros

Note to self... don't ask my kids to "model" BEFORE snack time.  They tried to give me their best superhero stance while showing off their capes (available soon through our etsy shop), but one click of the camera and they were done.  So, this is what we got.  We all tend to get a little grumpy around here come snack time.  (Although they are still pretty darn cute, in this moms opinion, and I appreciate their "heroic" effort)
Now, having 3 boys was what I had always wanted and it is exactly what God has blessed me with.  Our oldest, we'll call him J, is almost 9 (crazy!).  W, our mischief making charmer of a middle child, is 5.  And S, the one who gets them ALL in trouble, is 3.  They are my biggest cheerleaders.  They think, at the moment, that this whole YeLLoWMeDaiSY thing is quite an adventure.  They LOVE watching me sew and they are great sports when I have them constantly running up stairs to get me the water bottle (for ironing) that I keep forgetting to bring downstairs after I do their hair every morning.  But, we'll see how long this lasts.  The fact that momma may not be able to help them as quickly as before may get old fast.  Then again, maybe this is a lesson for everyone.  Me, how to manage my time better in order to get everything done.  Them, how to be a little more self-sufficient (I would like to stress the word "little".  It's not like I expect them to make their own dinner or anything.)
All this to say, they are my little superheros.  And they have the capes to prove it :).


Barbara said...

Congrats on a great start with a beautiful blog!!!! Wishing you the best on your Etsy shop!!
big hug to you both!!

YeLLoWMeDaiSY said...

Thanks Barbara!!