Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our newest arrival at YeLLoWMeDaiSY

No, Mollie hasn't had her baby yet.  Thanks goodness!  Just thought I'd pop up a pic of the latest fabulous diaper bag to join our ranks.  (Note to anyone reading who doesn't need a diaper bag... this bag does quite well carrying non-baby items also.)  She will be making her grand debut at The Queen Bee Market on May 6th and 7th along with many friends that Mollie and I have been working very hard on.

I love the bright, summer fabric on this bag, and the numerous pleats give this bag great volume.  It has four pockets on the inside as well as a special "mom pocket" that is perfect for a cell phone or anything that mom may want to stash away.  My favorite detail is the dahlia print band with the little blue button.  I'm a sucker for buttons.

Just wanted to show you guys some of what we are working on.  It is so fun being creative, and so hard not to keep everything that comes our way.  Happy Maundy Thursday everyone!  Hope you all enjoy this special weekend!

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