Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Polka Dot Easter Egg Day!

by Holly

Spring Break has hit our house this week.  All the boys are home and I am looking for fun, creative things to keep them occupied.  Unfortunately today was a bit chilly and gloomy outside, and I am busy inside getting ready for the Queen Bee Market.  So, today was polka dot Easter egg day.  (I'm sure it is an official holiday in some country somewhere.  Estonia perhaps?)  I was really looking for something simple, not too messy, but fun results.  This little project worked out perfectly.

We started with 2 blown out eggs, 2 pencils with erasers, craft glue, and plates of glitter (Yes, glitter.  You gotta have some fun mess factor with boys.)
The boys dipped their erasers in glue (I poured out a little on a plate) and then had fun putting little polka dots all over their eggs (they started with 1 side of the egg  first and then did the other side).  When they were done they gently rolled their egg in the glitter.

This project was perfect for them and, since the little man was napping, it was quite a peaceful way to spend our afternoon.  Easter is a special time in our household as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.  It holds a lot of meaning for us and I love spending these spring break days with the boys talking about all the events that occurred during this week over 2000 years ago.   Loves me some family bonding!

I even tried to make my own egg using little flower shapes cut out on my cricut.  I made them into stickers with my xylon (double sided tape would work too), painted the tops of them with glue, stuck them on the egg, and then rolled the egg in glitter.  Not quite the Martha Stewart finish I was looking for but, like I said, it was peaceful so that's a "good thing", as Martha would say.  And now we have a little bling-bling to display on our mantle.
Now, only 6 days left of crafts to think of....  Happy polka dot Easter egg day everybody!

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