Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Good-bye baby.

Originally, I was going to get our YeLLoWMeDaiSY sale going today... but Mollie is sick and we are lagging a bit (maybe "the cleanse" we are doing with our friends at onefunmom.com will pick us up a bit).

So instead I decided that it is finally time to say "good-bye" to my baby.

Our oldest is about to turn 10, and he is getting the "babies" (he's 4) room.  We start painting this weekend.

Our "baby" is moving in with our middle son.  Oh, the fun they will have together (you can read this as "oh, the sleep that we are going to loose because they will have fun together").

I am excited to post about the tween room that we are going to create for Jax (built in desk and map wall for starters), but sad to see the baby room go.

I took some last shots (I have done this with all our baby rooms).
We never went crazy on the decorating of his room, because we knew he wouldn't be in here very long.  But he has the sweet silhouette kids in white frames on his wall that I LOVE.  I used them for a friends baby shower a year ago which was really fun!  I think I may transfer them to the wall next to his bed in the new room.
The changing table, that I am not sad to not have to use anymore!  He also has a shelf with his favorite books on top.  I can't even count the number of times I have read him "You can do it, Sam" in the middle of night when he can't sleep.  Pretty sure we both have it memorized.  And all his baby shoes are there, as well.  (Oh man, this saying goodbye thing is hard!)

Let's move on...
 As I was taking these pics, Little Man decided that he wanted to do an impromptu puppet show behind his rocking chair.  He didn't really get the concept that he should keep his head down, but he was hilarious with his rabbit puppet.

So, good-bye baby room.  I will miss you!!!  I will miss all those late nights spent rocking Little Man to sleep.  I will miss all the stories read snuggled up in your bed.  I will miss all the afternoons spent playing on your floor with Little People.

We are growing up.  We are moving out and moving on.  And as much as I want to make time stand still, I know this is right.  I know that Jax needs his space, and that the other boys will be so happy together.

Good-bye, baby.  Good-bye.


Kristin said...

Um, this makes me want to shed a tear or two. But this is an exciting new step! Your boys are all so fun and I'm glad I get to be a little part of their lives and watch them grow up!

YeLLoWMeDaiSY said...

Ah, thanks Kristin! They love their Miss Kristin!