Thursday, February 23, 2012



What's a "wordle" you ask?

Well, a wordle is a sort of word puzzle.  I decided to make one years ago that I could add on to over the years.

Here is mine...
 It hangs over my bed and I love seeing all the special dates, places we've been, and memories.

I took it down yesterday and added to it... "El Zonte", for our recent trip to El Salvador, and "O Danny Boy", if you've ever seen Animal, the Swedish Chef, and Beeker sing this song you will understand that one. 

I recently saw one on pinterest that was painted onto a nursery wall.  It was super cute, but wasn't very mobile.  I love that this will go with us wherever we may live.

I painted mine on canvas.  I got the layout and color idea from  Super easy!  Just type in the words you would want to use (the more you type the word, the bigger it will be) and voila!

You can customize the shape of it, if you want the words in a different order.  You can also select from tons of cool color options.

I just created mine and then copied it onto the canvas.

I add on as the years go on, and I love when I add something new and my family notices.  I think my boys were pretty stoked to see "O Danny Boy" up there this morning.

Just a fun memory maker.  Super easy, and really special to us!

Do you have any fun keepsake ideas in your home?  Maybe you could make a wordle today.

Happy Thursday!


Paige said...

I have a wordle on my professional e-profile. I love the idea of painting it onto a canvaas and displaying it. Very nice!

Emma G. said...

What a fun idea!