Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A second look...

I love to go on little adventures and trips with my kiddos.

But we have come across a problem recently...

They always want a souvenir to take home, and that can get expensive especially with 3 kids.

A friend of mine, thanks AMY, clued me into a great idea...


Now, I have always looked at those things and thought they were such a rip-off.  I mean who pays 50 cents to smash a perfectly good 1 cent penny?

But when it comes down to it, $1.53 is a lot cheaper than any other regular gift shop type souvenir that I have found.

And the kids love doing it.  They love looking for the machine, and they even use their own money now.

This is little man at Disneyland last Thursday.  Look how excited he is!  Win-Win!!!

And when we bring them home, we have a special place for our pennies right on our mantle...
Right into the penny jar they go.  It will be neat to see this jar fill up and to be able to remember all our adventures we have had as a family.

So, give the pressed penny machines another look.  It just might surprise you!

Short and sweet today, since my kids have been home for a long weekend, the hubs has been out of town, and we've had the dreaded strep bug.  Lots to catch up on!

Happy Tuesday!


Sandra said...

As an anti-chachka mom, and one who hates to waste money on stuff we don't need, I too love the Penny press. I keep a film canister (yes I still have some from the old days) full of quarters and shiny pennies in my travel day pack so we always have them with us if we happen to run into a machine. I started writing the date on the back with a paint pen so we can remember when we went too.

YeLLoWMeDaiSY said...

What a great idea to write the date!! Thanks Sandra! We don't have that many yet, so I can still remember. I'm off to get my sharpie.