Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Making Headquarters

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and thanks to my addiction to Pinterest... I have grand plans for all homemade valentine's this year for my kids.

Now, I fully understand 2 things...

1. My kids, nor their friends, will FULLY appreciate all that has gone into this grand plan.

2. It will be more work for ME (ie:cutting and taking over when they have run out of attention span) in the long run.

I am fully prepared to handle this.  After all, I do this to myself really.  There is no one else to blame.

That being said, last night was Valentine's Making Wednesday around here and we had a blast!!!

For our preschooler, I set out to make these.

They were super fun to make, and other than having to chop up the crayons with a giant knife, my little man got to do a lot.  
I still have to make the cards for them, but they turned out super cute.  (I also had to leave them in the oven for 5 minutes longer than the directions called for, but that wasn't a big deal.)

For the big boys, I wanted to do something different.  

My oldest is 9.  I feel like Valentine's Day starts getting a bit tricky as they get older.  I know he wants to do something, but cutesy is NOT an option.  You can check out the inspiration for his valentine's here.

I love these little bookmarks!  So I combined these bookmarks with some cards I found for these heart bookmarks (which our 1st grader is making for the girls in his class... the boys get the monster bookmarks).
They were super easy to make, and the boys were so excited to put them together (I did do ALL the cutting before hand so that they could just assemble them.  How did you spend your afternoon?).

I LOVE that these are all book themed and NOT candy.  Man, do my kids come home with a lot of candy!

It was a fun night!  And now we are ready to go.  And, by the way, spent about $5 on ALL their valentine's stuff.  Yahoo!!

Have you got any great Valentine's plans?  

Happy Thursday!

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