Wednesday, February 1, 2012


by Mollie

its time for another round of WIWW.  I have to confess... i totally feel like a FOOL standing in front of the mirror taking pictures of my outfit, BUT it does keep me accountable of getting out of my comfy sloppy clothes! 

Outfit #1
Mommy & Me preschool and errands

Boots - Gift from mom
Everything else - Target.

A Girl just can't go wrong with Target. Although it is embarrassing when you walk in and realize that EVERYTHING you are wearing is from there... 

Outfit #2
Hanging out with out of town family

Shirt and Sweater - GAP outlet
Jeans - Calvin Klein
Belt - off a skirt a got at Target

I really liked this outfit. Simple and casual

except I couldn't decide which shoes to wear. 

The left ones are Steve Madden girl wedges
 and the right are Guess heels

Guess which one won?!? haha...get it? 

This is as close to a red bottom sole as this girl is going to get.  I got these at TJ Maxx for $29.99!! 

I hope you are having a great and stylish week..



Emily said...

Love it cousin you look great! I ESP like your smile in the second one, you and wear it so well!

Kristin said...

I like your pink soles ;)