Friday, February 3, 2012

Mason Jars

by Mollie

  Anyone else noticing the trend? Its CRAZY out there on Pinterest..

Heck! Even I used them for Zoie's Birthday party.  There were the perfect drink size and super easy to clean up - just pop them in the dishwasher!

Since I bought them for the birthday party ($14.99 for 12)  I have been looking for creative ways to use them in my home.

I have been using them in my jewelry drawer.  They hold my rings and charm type bracelets, plus they are the PERFECT size for my bangles to wrap around.   It keeps everything nice and neat. 

I have this little station on my kitchen counter and I use them here too.  

I keep chapstick, Zoie's lip gloss, and stickers in them.  Also a bunch of different types of chocolate chips.  Those serve as "special treats" for Zoie when I catch her doing an act of kindness OR listening the first time. 

Did you notice my little "bar"  

Left to Right:  Hot Chocolate powder, marshmallows (duh), Hershey kisses (to make coffee sweeter!), Splenda (the organic kind) , and baby cereal.  I use this thing A LOT and I dont think I could love it any more.  

P.S. it was NOT 1:23am when I took this picture...I just need to change the clock..whoops. 

So what do you use mason jars for?!? 



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Paige said...

Love, love, love what you call your "little station" on your countertop. Where did you get it? I have been searching for one!