Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Homemade Christmas

I love homemade Christmas ornaments.

I know some people reserve their kids ornaments for a second tree.

Not me.  I say the more bead candy canes, or clothespin reindeer the better.

So I was so happy when my fabulous sister in law decided to make ornaments with my kids one Saturday morning.  She is a teacher and had made them in her class.

Super simple, they are just applesauce and LOTS of cinnamon.

You mix them together until you get a dough.  Roll it out.  Cut out with your Christmas cookie cutters (make sure you make a hole with a toothpick at the top for hanging) and let them dry.  That's it.

We let ours dry for a couple weeks (well, we just didn't get to decorating them for a couple weeks). 

Last night we got out the glitter pens and started added the personal touches.  So fun!
Here is little man's jeweled (read globbed glitter) candy cane.
And big man's ornament and gingerbread man with the head broken off (oops).
Head fixed and very sparkly! 
"Jeweled" candy cane.
And middle man's little stocking.

This was so fun for them, and super easy.  I am all for easy and fun memory making.  I hope you are all finding simple ways to fully soak in the joy and wonder of this season!

Happy Thursday!

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