Monday, December 12, 2011

Better than Christmas

by Mollie

 I know what you are thinking.. better than Christmas?!? Say WHAT?!?!

  Ronnie and I have been really convicted lately about living life simply and generously.  Pastor Doug has been doing a sermon series about living generously and it has really hit home for us. We are in the process of cleaning out our garage (nightmare!) to get rid of things that we aren't using and donating them to people in need.  We are trying to be more conscious about the way we spend our time and try to be generous and helpful, etc...

 Our church got the privilege of hosting the Watoto choir yesterday and these kids touched my heart in a new way.  If you haven't seen Watoto children's choir you need to NOW!  (link to their calendar)

  These kids are from Uganda and they are orphans.  They have been abandoned by either one or both of their parents because of war or disease.  A man named Gary Skinner started Watoto Village for these orphans and has created a very successful ministry.  Watoto exists to provide a home, food, and family for these kids as well as teach them valuable life skills to raise up the next generation of leaders in Africa.  They are PASSIONATE about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and these kids SHINE with the love of God.


  Ok. So now back to my story.  Watoto Choir #50 was at our church yesterday morning.  I had seen them before and was SO excited to have Zoie there to see it too.  When they were singing and praising God, I was thinking about their stories.  Here I am, sitting in my warm comfortable church with food in my belly cuddling my little girl.  These kids don't have their parents or the comforts of America yet they are praising God joyfully with every fiber of their being! It was right then and there I decided to go sponser one of those kiddos.  I marched myself and Zoie over to the table and asked if we could sponser a little girl (because I wanted someone Zoie could relate to).  The lady at the table rifled through the stack and found the perfect little girl, Hellen.  HERE'S THE BEST PART!!!! Hellen was apart of the choir that was singing on stage! Not only do I get to sponser this sweet girl, but I get to meet her and hug her?!? Get out!!!

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  She is 8 yrs old and wants to be a teacher (melt my heart)!  I feel so privileged that I got to actually meet her and squeeze her.  I also bought a doll that the Watoto choir sells and Zoie quickly named her Hellen.  She is going to be the perfect reminder for us to pray for Hellen.

  This was seriously the best day.  We get to help someone who needs our help, spread God's Word, teach our daughters the importance of generosity, and to top it off the Chargers won! (jk).

  To find out more about Watoto or to sponser a child yourself click HERE.  I hope you do.



The Morales Family said...

Thanks for your heartfelt story Mollie!! I love your heart of generosity and I love, love, love how much you are setting a beautiful example for little Zoie girl!! You're an awesome mama!! Love you!

habecker said...

it's like nothing else when we recognize AND act on the prompting of the Holy Spirit!!

:high five in the Lord:

mwimp said...

such an amazing story! thank you for sharing. i found you from Biblical Homemaking.