Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Christmas Steal

Last week I posted on some past Christmas cards that I had crafted.

This year, I said, I was taking it easy and ordering them online for the first time.

I had everything planned out.  Picked out the family photo, uploaded it, did all the captions, priced it out, and then showed it to my husband.  When his jaw dropped to the floor (because of the cost), I knew I was in trouble.  I was so bummed.  I thought I would never find anything as great as what I had.  My husband set out to prove me wrong.

Enter zazzle.

At one point, we had discussed the idea of sending out a postcard to save on postage.  I thought it was a good idea, but couldn't find a style I liked.  In comparison, the other cards I had designed were square (which I loved) that would require extra postage.

My husband got on zazzle and spent the better part of his morning trying to create something I would be happy with.  Not an easy thing to do once I have my mind set on something.  (Do you know the song "Whatever Lola Wants"?  I think that song was written about me, unfortunately.)

After a bit, he found a "save the date" postcard that he started tweeking.  As I watched, I started to soften a bit.  Not exactly what I had in mind, but the design was simple and the colors were nice.  In other words, it didn't SCREAM Christmas which is what I generally try to avoid.  Instead of straight red and green, I tend to find different hues and shade variations and designs which aren't typically Christmasy.

He fought hard for this one, and I fought back.

Is it a matte finish?
What is the paper weight?
Can they have rounded corners?
How do we know the colors are as true as they appear on the screen?

But in the end, he won.  I gave in.  And, secretly, I waited for them to come in the mail so I could show him how different they were than what I really wanted.

And yesterday, they came.  We opened the box tentatively, both with something to prove.

I am pleased to say that HE nailed it.  They are great!!!  Totally different than what I thought I wanted, but fantastic none the less.  I have to say that it feels so great to just get them in the mail and know that I don't have to do anything to them!  I might end up rounding the corners just because I'm crazy like that, but we'll see.

So, do you wanna see?  Here we go...
I really wanted a vintage country feel to match my boots and my Grandma's quilt we are sitting on.  The colors are just right and the paper is super thick!  The only thing I can say is that there is not an option on matte or glossy.  I'm not a big fan of glossy, but these are subdued in their glossiness which I can handle.

So pleased!  And the best part... for 100 postcards it cost us only $27.00!!!

Zazzle is doing a promo where you get 75% off.  Yes, 75%!  Just enter LOVEPEACEJOY at checkout (on orders of 75 or more).  You can't argue with those savings!  It's a steal.

At this point you may be wondering if zazzle has paid me for this endorsement.  They haven't.  I am just very pleasantly surprised, and kinda trying to get back into my husbands good graces after being such a pill about it all.

So, if you still need cards, check them out.  I think you have until the 15th to guarantee delivery before Christmas.

Now I just need to address them all.  Ugh!

Happy Thursday everyone!


Chris said...

Thanks for the tip Holly . . . I just ordered ours with 75% off and free shipping. This was just what I needed this year.

Sara said...

Lovely! Just ordered ours! I had hoped to get a family picture, but that has yet to happen, so just a picture each of the kiddos!