Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Cards

by Mollie

 Today is a short post because lets be honest... its the week before Christmas! This mama is BUSY!

 So we get Christmas Cards, look at them, then what?!?

 I found this pin on Pinterest...

And I have done it in my own kitchen.  I didn't take a picture yet, but I have been LOVING getting an opportunity to look at my cards every day.  I love the photos from my friends and family and the opportunity to pray for them as I look at their smiling faces while I cook.

Another pin I found on Pinterest...

  I did this with last years Christmas cards.  Only I did Christmas ribbon instead of the rings and I have been leaving them on our ottoman tray.  It has been so fun to enjoy last years cards and look through them.  Zoie has been going through them almost daily and can now recognize most of our friends and family by name and photo.

 Hope you guys have your presents wrapped and under the tree! I have a couple more to get then a MAJOR wrapping session.  I have a feeling some hot cocoa and One Tree Hill on DVD are in my future while I wrap away.


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Paige said...

Love the kithcen cabinets idea! I am so doing that next year!