Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Homemade cards

Every day we are doing a special activity in our house to 
celebrate Christmas.  Each day my kids have a 
slip of paper waiting for them, telling them
what fun thing we are going to do that day.
It can be as simple as watching a 
special Christmas movie (Charlie Brown is our fav)
or more complex like making cookies.

Today's activity was making Christmas cards for friends.
Sometimes this is like pulling teeth.

My kids are not fans of writing.
So I took a cue from the latest Family Fun issue and
we made stampers with the kids signatures on them
to cut down a bit on the "work".
We made fingerprint Christmas light cards...
And then they wrote "Merry Christmas" on the inside
and stamped their names...
The stampers were super easy to make.

They each wrote their name on a piece of paper with
DARK pencil.
Then we placed the paper face down on a block of
wood and rubbed the back of the paper HARD with a coin.
It left the pencil marking of their name, only backwards.
Then I took puffy paint and went over their names.
Once the paint dried, I went over it with a little sand paper to make
it nice and even.  (For 1, I had to apply another layer of puffy paint
to get it just right)
Add some fun stamp ink and you are ready to go.

I love that it is actually their signatures.

So fun and easy for them!

I hope that you all can find some time each day
to fully appreciate this season.
Only 5 days left 'till Christmas.


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Sandra said...

LOVE the name stamp idea. Who would have thought the puffy paint from the 80's would sitll have a use?