Thursday, November 24, 2011

A time for giving thanks.

Mollie and I wanted to spend this Thanksgiving writing out what we are thankful for.  

Of course there is too much to list here, but it is good to remind oneself of God's amazing blessings.

So here we go...

I, Holly, am thankful for

the way little man always says, "Excuse me mommy, I love you."
a husband who loves me very well
friends who have blessed me with unconditional love
a grandfather who started our family on the path of living lives for Jesus
my boys' little red barn school
a father-in-law who takes great care of us
big man's incredible blue eyes
the large sycamore tree, perfectly centered outside my window, in my front yard
a full pantry
freckles on middle mans nose and cheeks  
good health
the color gray
a God who loves me more than I could ever imagine          

I, Mollie, am thankful for

my Zoie who says "mommy, you make me so happy."
jeans, especially ones that fit really well
my wonderful husband who is patient with me and loves our little girls so well
coffee - in every shape and color
cozy blankies and movies with friends
cuddling babies
early mornings with my Lord
my Savior
my camera, to capture my blessing of a family
my Pennie, who greets me with a smile every morning
an incredible church family

Have a blessed Thanksgiving! 

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