Thursday, November 3, 2011


by Mollie

  Another week in photos! I love this post. Thanks Jeanette!!

Smoothies... They are a big thing around here.  We get them a few times a week after Zoie wakes up from her afternoon nap.  It combats my afternoon laziness and I've started adding spinach to our smoothies for a sneaky veggie fix!

Zoie's cousin got to come over and play in the morning! It was SO fun to have a girl party.  They got french toast sticks and bananas for breakfast.  I love that the cousins are close... 

Ronnie and I walked the girls over to the park around the corner of our house the other night after dinner.  What was supposed to be a fun time for Zoie to play quickly became a contest for Ronnie and I on who could go down this tube slide the fastest.  My quickest time was 4 seconds and Ronnie beat me by just a hair! SO frustrating.  

Zoie got to have a sleepover @ Nana & Pops house.  This is the photo her nana sent me after she was tucked in bed.  Makes my heart happy. They are SO sweet then they are sleeping. 

My clean office!!  After 2 1/2 yrs at my job I finally cleaned out my office!! I couldn't be MORE excited about it.  It's REALLY fun to go to work now!! Now I just need to make it pretty. 

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The Morris Family said...

The smoothie sounds great!!!! Love spinach in eggs too!!!

{april kennedy} said...

Oh I so want a clean organized office space! Your's looks great. And we were on smoothie kicks for awhile. Need to get those going again. I actually lost weight when I'd snack on a smoothie! bye bye halloween candy! :)