Tuesday, November 8, 2011

1,440 minutes...

Did you know that there are 1,440 minutes in every day?

1,440 chances to invest wisely.  (I think the almost 540 minutes of sleep I get every night is a wise investment!)

On Sunday, our church was challenged with 5 ways to redeem our time, because once it is gone, it is gone.  As hard as we may try to get time to stand still, or even slow it down a bit... we can't store it so we better spend it well.

I am a time filler.  I always have a project going.  Even when I could have down time, I fill it with something, anything to keep myself occupied.  And many times, it is a waste of time.

You see there are 2 kinds of time... chronos (chronological time that most often is represented with days filled, schedules and agendas), and kairos (a season of time that is most often represented in opportunities)

Here's how they pan out:

Chronos lives in a calender,
Kairos lives in a season;
Chronos is made up of hours,
Kairos is made up of opportunities.

Well, this season I am taking Pastor Doug's words to heart.

I plan to...
1. Seize the season and not my schedule or obligations
2. Focus on God's will and ask what does He want for my season
3. Be generous with my speech, encourage others
4. See time as a gift
5. Be generous in my most important relationships

The world wants to steal my time.  It tells me to stay busy so I look important and feel needed.

But this season I choose to live in kairos.  Because my kids need me, my husband needs me, and my friends need me to just be.  I will just be.  I will invest wisely.  And in doing so, I will suck up every thing that this fabulous season has to offer.

So, Mollie and I will be posting on some great holiday stuff this season.  But mostly, we will be encouraging you to enjoy your season, to focus on His will, and to make the most of every opportunity.

Here's to a great season!                                                              


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