Tuesday, November 29, 2011

christmas card countdown...

O.K., it's that time of year.

The cards start rolling in.  Mollie and I would love to hear any creative ways you display them.  I just tuck them into a couple fabric ribbon boards by our breakfast table.  I love that we see them all the time and that they stay up year round.

My display may be simple, but I tend to go a little overboard with the actual making of our Christmas cards.  This year I am keeping it simple.  For the first time, I am actually ordering them online and I am pretty jazzed about it!  Oh, all the time I will save (if only my husband and I could decide on which photo and design).

I thought I would show a couple of our cards from the past.  Maybe it will give you an idea or two.

This is the first one I made, circa 2005 (yikes!)...

 It looked like a little present, but then you folded down the "box" to find the greeting.
This card was fun, but time consuming.  2006 we ordered Costco.  2007 a friend did them for us (I had just had a baby).

Then came 2008...
 I refer to this as "the joy project".  This was the year I was introduced to the Cricut machine.  I did not have one, but my friend Courtney did :)
 Having 3 little ones, made it the perfect fit!
You flipped open the inside for the family photo and greeting.

The next year, I took it a bit easier with this card...
Fun paper with a simple band for the greeting.  This was one of my favorites.  I still have it on our refrigerator.

And then there was last year.  I WAY overdid it, but when I put my mind to something...
 My friend Courtney made us these great pennants (again the j-o-y thing worked out great), and we headed over to a local barn for these great shots.  I mounted the photo on fun patterned paper that matched the pennants in the picture and cut them out on the Cricut as large tags.
 I cut out each boys little head shot and glued them to craft paper for extra support.  Then I attached them to the card with a simple key ring.  The neat part is that these little "key rings" have turned into little prayer photos for some fantastic friends and family.  They remember to pray for my little guys when they see them.  Gotta LOVE that!  I printed up a simple greeting on the back, and there you have it.
Can you see why I am excited to order them online this year?

It has always been worth it, but this year I need a break.

I hope all your Christmas cards are coming along well!  I know I can't wait to start receiving them (assuming I'm on your list :).

Happy Tuesday everyone!
(BTW, all photos are from the amazingly talented Cindy Kyle.  I am so thankful for her never ending patience and willingness to follow us wherever we may drag her.)

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