Friday, January 27, 2012

Time Management

by Mollie

  Last week Erin over at Sunny Side Up posted about her time management binder.  I have been following her blog for awhile and I LOVE how organized she is! I actually got to meet her at the Queen Bee Market in November.  We were both shopping at Lindsey's booth and i totally blog stalked her and said "hey you're Erin!"

 ANYWHOO...  back to the time management binder.  I loved how she wrote that it was a place for everything running around in her mind.  I decided to ,make one myself because that is just what I needed.    Here is my version of the Time Management Binder.

 I got the cute binder from Target.  Everything is more fun if it starts out cute. 

I broke it down into 8 sections.  Allow me to walk you through it?!?  

#1 - Daily Planning. 

This has my minute by minute schedule for the day.  I sit down at the end of each day and plan out my day tomorrow.  I make a list of goals on one side (costco, workout, devotional, laundry, dishes, etc)  and on the other I plan out the hours (6:00am coffee & devos, 7:30 wake girls breakfast, 9:00 Pennie nap - mommy chores, etc) 

In here I also have my check off lists from Clean Mama.  I have the Weekly Cleaning Schedule, the Monthly Cleaning Schedule, and the Fitness & Weight Loss Tracker.  If you haven't checked out Clean Mama you need to NOW! 

#2  - Shop For-Menu Planning

Erin had a great idea of putting 4 post it notes on a page with each store that you need to visit.  I have one for Costco, Grocery, Target, and Crafts/Etc.  I can just easily jot down the items that I need and take that post it with me. Easy Peasy!!  Also I have lined paper in there for menu planning and a couple sheet protectors to slip in recipes. 

#3 - Current Projects

This section has everything that I am working on.  A working list and how I am going to accomplish it. 

-  Hang Photos
-  Stretch Fabric over frames
-  Paint table, tray, and frames
- Organize Garage

#4 - House Ideas

This has my list of BIG projects that I want to do for my house. 

- Replace Bathtub/shower
- Build a bench/Kitchen Nook
-Paint Kitchen. 

you get the idea.  I also use Clean Mama's FREE PRINTABLE of Project Planner in this section. 

#5 - Yellowmedaisy

This currently has a list of all my blog posts, but it also will have meeting notes of my time with Holly, project ideas, inventory, etc.

#6 - Green Valley Church

This is for my other job - Children's Director.  I have all my blog posts scheduled there as well as to-do lists and event planning.  

#7 - Personal Goals

In here I have Clean Mama's printable of Fitness goals, Weight Loss Goals, and just a simple lined paper with personal goals. 

If you can't read it some of them are:
- read more to my girls
-  play outside more
-see the bottom of all 3 laundry bins!!
- Go to a nursing home (our New Year's Resolution of being generous)
- Go on a date (Jan)
- Go on a date (Feb)
- Visit my grandparents (in L.A.)
- Complete all chores under January
- Finish our bedroom

Hoping to get all of these checked off by February!

#8 - Misc.

Extra paper, sheet protectors, and printables. 

I have been using this for a week now and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!  It helps me to think clearer because I'm not constantly REMEMBERING!

it's also PERFECT to use with my Much Ado About You planner. 

Hope Ya'll have a great weekend!


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Erin said...

Hi Mollie! I love it!! I'm so happy my binder helped you and you started your own. It really does make a big difference to be able to dump your brain out on paper! You are so cute and I LOVED meeting you at the Queen Bee market. Thanks so much for the shout out. :)

Have a great weekend and hopefully we'll run into each other again!