Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The doctor is in.

The stuffed animal doctor, that is.  Now I am not a fan of stuffed animals, but they seem to creep into the house anyway.  When big man was born, we were given an insane amount of cute little stuffies.  At first, they were cute, but now they have overrun the boys beds and can create quite a headache in keeping up with their maintenance.  Yes, they require maintenance.  Most of which centers around the constant washing of these imaginative little creatures.  By the time little man came around, we kept him to 3 stuffies in his bed and that is it!  I am sticking to it.
So, after our recent camping trip, big man noticed a hole in his most prized stuffie (a snake).  That discovery has forced all injured, maimed, and tattered stuffies to be accounted for and my job has begun.
Don't they look pathetic (this isn't even all of them)?   And so, because I love my children (not necessarily the stuffies) I WILL spend today replacing stuffing, cutting loose threads, and patching holes.  And the look on the boys faces when they get home from school and realize that mom actually did what she said she would do weeks ago, will be thanks enough.  Until next time, when all my patients return and I start all over again.
How are you spending your Tuesday?  Hope you have the chance to cross something off your to-do list and make someone's day special as well.

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