Thursday, May 26, 2011

Carnival Days.

by Holly

Hey everyone! Summer is almost here (at least in San Diego) and carnival season is upon us. This last weekend was no exception. My sons' school had their annual carnival and I just had to join in on the fun. The theme this year was "Stars and Stripes: A Tribute to America." Our community has a lot of military families in it and we wanted to honor them. So that is exactly what we did. The entire carnival was decorated with red, white, and blue and it was such a perfect day.

We got the giant balloons at Party City. They were so festive!

One of the fun things we offered was a photo booth. Now this could have been taken 2 ways. First of all, it was a fun backdrop for friends to be silly together. Second it was a fantastic opportunity for families to have a professional quality photo taken for just tickets (carnival tickets, that is).
So, of course my family had to get in on the fun.

Little man can't not make a silly face. This pic is sooo him! And I'm just trying to avoid getting my eye poked out by Lady Liberty's spiky crown.

The photographer was a friend of mine. Check her out at (Sorry, for some reason linking is not working for me right now, so we're goin' old skool) She took some great pics and then simply e-mailed them to whomever was in the photo. So great! We were also able to get the amazing backdrop donated from Jolene at SagebrushSerendipity, which was fabulous! She offers some great photo backdrops at fantastic prices. Check out her etsy site, When she found out the purpose of our carnival she really wanted to show her support and we are so thankful. Throw in some fun photo props and we were ready to go.

Here it is all set up and waiting for some fun family to jump on in. Thanks to my good friend, Courtney, for letting us borrow her white couch. Gutsy move girl!
It was such a fun day and we were able to raise money for the school and honor our military families. Yay for carnivals!

YeLLoWMeDaiSY also had a booth at the carnival. We didn't sell much since families were there to have fun, not shop. But that means that we have tons of stuff that we will be listing on our etsy site in the next few days. We've got a bunch of our roll and go carmats in fun new fabrics and Mollie has been working on some super cute ruffle necklaces. So check back with us in the next few days.
Happy Thursday!

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