Thursday, May 12, 2011

Big Bowling Birthday!

I like alliterations.  They make things easy.  So, along with the QBM this weekend, it was also my Big Man's 9th birthday on Saturday.  (insert sigh here)  When did he get so old while my age has stayed exactly the same?  Strange, I know.  Now, I LOVE birthdays.  I tend to go all out with whatever theme they decide upon, much to my husband's dismay.  Knights, pirates, trains, even polka dots.  You name it, I have done it.  But it gets trickier as they get older.  Now it is no longer about the theme and more about the fun, cool factor.  So that is where bowling came in.  I am so glad that bowling is making a comeback.  It is such a fun and inexpensive thing to do with kids.  Perfect for our family.  Big man got to pick a few friends, we loaded them up in our "tank" and we were off.

Oh my goodness, they had a great time!

We ordered a pitcher of root beer and a bucket of tater tots to snack on (served in a cool galvanized bucket), the gutter bumpers were up, and they were good to go.  It was such a simple thing to do, but Big Man came up to me in the middle of it all and told me thank you, that he loved me, and that this was his funnest birthday ever.  Melts the heart!!!
And to top it all off, he got to go home with his own bowling pin. 

It was a great deal... $30 dollars for everyone's shoes, or buy the bowling pin for $20 and get the pin and all the shoes for free.  Fantastic!  (Ask your local bowling alley if they have a deal like that.  They are always trying to find ways to get rid of old pins and the local police department can only take so many for target practice.)  My husband wrote "Happy 9th Birthday" on it with a sharpie (once we got home) and we are going to have all the boys sign it.  And now it sits proudly in his room.
This could not have turned out better, and the important thing was the Big Man felt celebrated for the great kid that he is.  Pure, simple, fun.  Now I have to start thinking about next year. :)


Andy said...

that sounds really cool. can you throw my next bowling birthday party?

Nancy StylenDecorDeals said...

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Great blog! Looks like a great bowling party too!
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Have a great weekend!