Thursday, October 7, 2010

Today's Project: FAIL

It happens right?!? Everything just doesn't go according to plan. This is what happened to Freddie, my project today.  My goal was to make a cute little paper mache bird that could pass for a ceramic/expensive one.  He just didn't turn out right.  I think I know where I went wrong and will try to right it tomorrow but in the mean time I thought I would blog my progress.

   1.  Newspaper strips (1 - 2" in width)
   2.  1/2 sheets of newspaper (to form)
   3.  Tape
   4.  Liquid Startch
   5.  Sandpaper
   6.  Spray Paint  (color of your choice)


   1.  Using the 1/2 sheets of newspaper, make your form.  I took 2 "balls" and taped them together to make a body and a head

  2.  Then dip the strips of paper in the startch and use your fingers to wipe off the excess and gently start wrapping your form and smoothing down the edges.  Repeat until VERY well covered.  ( I think this is where I went wrong...not enough layers)

  3.  Then once He/She is dry sand lightly until smooth 
                 - I don't have a picture of this step because I didn't put enough layers it was REALLY difficult to sand and the paper was ripping.

  4.  Once sanded smooth, spray paint with even coverage.  Not sure if you will need one or two coats. 

So as you can see little Freddie didn't turn out great (neither did the pic. sorry!)  Tomorrow morning as soon as Z is down for her 1st nap I'll add a TON more layers to him and see how it goes. I'll keep you posted!  I hope this is an encouragement to all your crafters out there.  Sometimes things go wrong or you rush a step and it just doesn't work. Keep trying though! 


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unfinished said...

The head shape looks good. I've seen a blown-out egg used for the body before with the tail added with a little upward tilt. Glue the head on with paper mâché and keep adding more layers. The egg body makes sanding the body a little smoother. Have have and persevere.