Monday, October 11, 2010

Baby Hair Bows

So I love my daughter to have something girly on her head. Its the best! But i was tired of trying to track down the PERFECT bow for her outfit (she's only 11 months i know, but its important ok?!?)
sorry its blurry. she's quick!

Here is a quick tutorial on how to make these sweet little bows.

Ribbon (thin...)
Alligator Clips
Embellishment of your choice
Hot glue gun
Adorable Baby Model (optional...but way more fun!)


1.  Warm up your glue gun and put a small dot on the bottom inside part of the clip on the base and the tip.

2.  Wrap Ribbon around the back of the clip gluing as you go. 
3.  Wrap Ribbon around the base of the clip and continue gluing around the "hinge" part. Its pretty simple. Just keep wrapping and gluing until completely covered. 

4.  Embellish as you see fit! 

As always...these bows and many others will be available on my etsy store. Look in my sidebar for a direct link!  

Until next time...


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