Sunday, August 21, 2011

Managing The Mess Mondays!!

by Mollie

  So how'd ya all do?!?  Remember this is a littler series I am doing to help us stay accountable to keeping our houses clean and clutter free.  I committed to picking up the clutter each night before I go to bed for 30 days. I did ok. Not terrible but worse than I expected.  I really wanted to wake up EVERY DAY to a clean house but that just did not happen.   Here's the results...
not too bad... a little out of order but overall pretty clean!

A little mess on the dining room table...Did you notice my Pleated Poppy clutch?!? I LOVE it!!

Dishes in the sink!! My demise...How is that the dishes are NEVER done!!


Epic FAIL!!! Stuff everywhere... even a sleeping baby on the ottoman! 

   I'm going to keep at it...taking a picture of my house first thing in the morning.  If you have a up! If not..leave a comment and tell us how you are doing or if you have the secret to an eternally clean house, let us know! We will love you for it! 

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