Monday, August 15, 2011

Keeping it Real...

by Mollie

Long time no blog peeps!!  I have missed blogging but I have really enjoyed my time with my growing family.

 Remember awhile back when I posted about keeping my house clean?!? (Cleanliness)  Well no one told me having 2 children has made this more difficult (jk..EVERYONE told me, but its more of a learn for yourself kinda thing ya know?).  I feel like my house is constantly in a state of clutter... stuff everywhere! We have a tiny house (900 sq. ft) so a couple things out of place makes it feel messy. This is extremely frustrating for my and my hubby because we started out with nothing...literally nothing.  3yrs ago my husband and I lost everything in a house fire, we literally got out with just the shirts on our backs.  We have been exponentially blessed by our family and our church family and they gave us everything to get back on our feet.  (Its a sad story that has totally rocked our world, but God is good and has used it as a blessing believe it or not...story for another time)  But to come from a place where we have nothing to now have junk and clutter?!?! How did this happen?!?

  So I am making a pledge... 30 days... 30 days of picking up ALL the clutter in my house every night before I go to bed.  I want to wake up to a clean house in the morning so I can get to my devotional, breakfast, workout, errands, playdates, etc without feeling like I have to catch up from the night before.  So here is a picture of my house after a FULL day of cleaning.  (i'm serious, no nap or workout for me during naptime was scrubbing and dusting)  This is what I want my house to look like at the end of each day.

  Will you pledge with me?!?  I'm going to make the next few Monday posts a series titled "Managing the Mess Mondays"  I will post pictures of my house from the week (clean or not) in an attempt to be held accountable to having a clean house.  Link up with me and join the party!


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Anonymous said...

I totally enjoy every one of your posts. You are just as adorable now as you were when you were little. Your children are beautiful and you are an inspiration to others!!! Pam