Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Simple Summer Fun

by Mollie

I used to be a preschool teacher.  I always enjoyed the simple activities that captivated kids imaginations and attention spans.  I loved using the simplest supplies for them to get busy learning and working. Zoie is only 18 months old but she has taken to throwing fits lately.  I am doing my best to ignore it and normally we move on but it seems that those few precious hours between afternoon nap and dinner can be especially challenging so I'm always looking for something fun to do and that's when I remembered this! 
Water painting!!  

I just filled up one of our empty golden spoon containers (yummo!!) with water and let her have at the sidewalk to paint.  She thinks she knows the alphabet so she starts with abc then makes a bunch of different sounds and ends with a resounding Z!!  She sat and painted for almost 20 min without wanting to get up or move! For those of you who know her, that's AMAZING!!!!!!! 

Of course then we moved on to paint other things in our yard as well.... Like our security sign (it was actually pretty dirty so she helped mama out!) 

Her castle...

and of course the slide which she wanted to go down right after she got it all wet so she had a nice wet bottom and couldn't have been happier!

It was a great little activity that both mommy and baby enjoyed.  I spent some time "painting" our flowers and grass while she worked hard.  Love the summer time and can't wait to do more fun things with my baby girl! Now if only this other baby would arrive so I wouldn't have to waddle around anymore.  Don't forget to check out Monday's post and put in your vote for a discount at our store!!



The Chuns said...

Looks like fun! I showed Sammy his "cousin" Zoie, he says hi! We had such a good time hanging out with all of you a few weeks ago, Daniel said we have to get those cute pictures you took :)

grace said...

I loved 'painting' with water as a kid and have done it with a lot of kids I have watched. Painting bicycles is another fun idea!
Oh, and if your fence is already weathered/not painted, that's a great thing to paint too!

Your little girl is so cute! And lovely header by the way :)